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EPIC Risk Management Joined Kindred’s New Pilot Project

The project, Journey towards Zero Panel, will also feature representatives from BetKnowMore, DealMeOut and Kindred Group

Gambling harm consultancy EPIC Risk Management announced that its partnership with Kindred group has been strengthened after EPIC became part of Kindred’s pilot panel committed to zero revenues from harmful gambling.

A Panel of Expert Organizations

The new phase of the relationship between EPIC Risk Management and the Malta-licensed gambling group signaled a further commitment by the partners to helping achieve a sustainable industry across all markets.

It began in February 2021 when Kindred Group announced the launch of its Journey towards Zero initiative, seeking to integrate the objective of zero percent revenue generated from harmful gambling within its group strategy, and continued in October last year, when EPIC and Kindred renewed their collaboration.

Now, Kindred announced a new pilot project named “Journey towards Zero Panel” to further support the work focused on the internal alignment that has been ongoing in the past two years, as the path to reaching the final destination of the journey proved to be more challenging than expected.

Driven by Kindred’s team in the UK, the new project set up a panel of a diverse range of expert organizations from the gambling community and people with lived experience from gambling harm, including BetKnowMore, DealMeOut and now, EPIC Risk Management.

Maris Catania, an advisor on responsible gambling at Kindred Group, also joined the panel to provide research expertise and knowledge of the group’s journey towards its objective of zero percent revenue.

Focus Groups and Workshops

The panel is set to begin by hosting numerous focus groups and workshops during which panel members will hear how Kindred is planning to reach its objective, as well as assess the company’s Player Safety-Early Detection (PS-EDS) system to understand in which areas things need to further improve through collaboration.

Delighted to contribute to the panel and always passionate about player protection, the director of safer gambling at EPIC Risk Management, Dan Spencer, highlighted the essence of the consultancy’s collaboration with Kindred.

“EPIC has been working with Kindred for some years now and recently extended that partnership to provide expert insight and consultation to help their Journey towards Zero,” Spencer said, outlining the consultancy’s goal to see operators become “ambitious in their safer gambling endeavors” and convinced this can be achieved through industry-wide collaboration.

“We are delighted to be able to provide this further consumer insight that ultimately will lead to better player protection,” he concluded.

The new pilot project is meant to bring expert advice and guidance to ensure that Kindred Group stays on track with its journey, as well as serve as a platform for discussions and recommendations.

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