October 12, 2021 3 min read


EPIC Risk Management Announces Advisory Board to Tackle Gambling Harms

EPIC Risk Management has revealed its dedicated EPIC Pro Sports Advisory Board that will feature numerous stakeholders with varying expertise. The appointments to the board will follow in the coming weeks and months and bring in experts who specialize in gambling, esports, gaming, athlete welfare, and integrity and who have the necessary experience to help EPIC achieve its strategic goals and objectives in sports. 

One of the board’s functions will be to help safeguard athletes against gambling harms and becoming addicted or compromised by the activity. EPIC’s chief focus lies in promoting awareness about the dangers of gambling and how reckless spending habits on games of chance could have destructive health and financial consequences.

Making Sure Athletes Are Safe from Problem Gambling 

EPIC focuses on athletes’ well-being by helping them make better-informed decisions and overcoming dependencies that originate in gambling habits, as well as help elite athletes evaluate their own relationship with gambling. The board will rely on the expertise of people who have direct experience with the issue and can offer guidance to others.

EPIC Risk Management CEO and founder Paul Buck were excited to be introducing the advisory board, pointing out that its members’ expertise would prove helpful. Buck explained: 

“All members are experts and well-respected in their field of expertise, and we feel their knowledge and personal experiences will make a valuable contribution to this board.”

Buck was pleased with the establishment of the advisory board as a program that would focus on minimizing gambling harm and ultimately protect athletes in their careers while advocating awareness and education in sports betting and gaming. 

Bringing the Right Experts with the Right Know-How 

Collaboration is a key driver of progress, Buck explained, and that is why the board will consist of people with diverse backgrounds and expertise, with the ultimate goal being gambling harm prevention. The board will initially consist of 10 people, including Mads Øland, who is a former CEO and advisor of the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association, Cam Adair, who is an international speaker who addresses the issue of video game addiction, Steve Emberson, who is betting integrity manager at Genius Sports, and others.

EPIC Risk Management has been focusing on minimizing gambling harm globally and presently has related programs established in 23 countries. The company works with both world-class athletes and teams as well as with competitive video gamers, and the goal is always to boost awareness about the potential risks involved in gambling. 

The organization has worked with numerous sports franchises and leagues, to name the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA), English Football League (EFL), the Rugby Football League (RFL), and many others. 


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