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EPIC Risk Management Adds New Members to PSAB

Ben McGregor, the director of sports partnerships at EPIC Risk Management, welcomed the new appointees to the PSAB

EPIC Risk Management has added three new members to its Pro Sport Advisory Board. The appointees have varied backgrounds and will be instrumental in cracking down on gambling harm in sports.

The three new members are Rachel Jankowsky, Dr Meg Popovic and Mike Riley, hailing from the USA, Canada and Britain respectively. All of them occupy a position in professional sports and are well-versed in the sector and aware of the gambling-related problem it faces.

At the same time, Michelle Evans and Cam Adair will be leaving the board.

Jankowsky Praised EPIC’s Approach to Gambling Harm in Sports

Jankowsky is a soccer specialist serving as head of player care and well-being at Chicago Fire FC. To her, joining the PSAB was a no-brainer. Speaking of her new position, Jankowsky said that she really appreciates EPIC’s approach to gambling problems in the world of professional sports.

There is a fantastic balance between EPIC’s foundation of evidence-based research and their use of a lived-experience, qualitative approach to education.

Rachel Jankowski, Pro Sport Advisory Board member

Jankowsky noted that the growing popularity of gaming in the US makes it imperative to equip athletes with knowledge on safer gambling.

Popovic: EPIC Is Bringing the World’s Best to Reduce Harm

Dr Popovic is the co-founder and chief learning officer of NextPlayU, a career accelerator and community for former NCAA, Olympic, and pro athletes. In the past, she has also worked as the director of well-being and performance of the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club.

Like Jankowsky, Popovic recognizes the importance of promoting safer gambling in professional sports and warning athletes about the dangers. She believes that EPIC has been able to tackle “one of the greatest, silent, complex challenges within pro sports. Popovic praised the company’s fearless team and said that she is happy to be able to join it and fight problem gambling.

The magnitude and seriousness of this problem in sport is huge and I believe with my whole heart that EPIC is bringing the world’s best to reduce harm and elevate care for the lives of those in sport.

Meg Popovic, Pro Sport Advisory Board member

Riley Hopes to Help EPIC Safeguard Sporting Integrity

Last but not least is Mike Riley who serves as the managing director of Professional Game Match Officials Limited. His company oversees the officiating of professional soccer fixtures in the UK. In addition to that, he has previously worked as a leading referee in the Premier League and FIFA.

Having overseen the soccer scene for years, Riley knows that integrity is at the very heart of officiating in any sport. He said that he is “very keen” to support the work of the Pro Sport Advisory Board and praised EPIC’s mission to promote safer gambling.

I hope that my contribution to the board will recognize the important role that match officials play in all elite sports and ensure that EPIC’s work encompasses their specific needs as we strive to safeguard sporting integrity.

Mike Riley, Pro Sport Advisory Board member

McGregor Welcomed the New Appointees

Ben McGregor, the director of sports partnerships at EPIC Risk Management, thanked the outgoing directors for their contributions and welcomed the new appointees.

The new faces coming in to take their places on the Board provide us with a truly global reach, as three major sporting markets are represented by our newly-inaugurated members.

Ben McGregor, director of sports partnerships, EPIC Risk Management

McGregor lauded Riley as a “household name in UK sports,” thanks to his contributions to the pro soccer scene. He also praised Jankowsky and Popovic for their expertise on mental health and player well-being, saying that they will be important additions to the Pro Sport Advisory Board.


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