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Epic Games Reveals Details About Fortnite NYC $30m World Cup

Epic Games has finally revealed new details about its upcoming Fortnite esports season. A hefty prize pool of $30 million will be on the line in July, 2019. Here’s how you can get a shot at it.

  • Epic Games announces World Cup event $30 million prize pool
  • All contestants to walk away with at least $50,000
  • Third-party organizers are becoming more popular in Fortnite

Fortnite World Cup and the $100 Million Up for Grabs

Epic Games are finally lifting the veil of mystery from the Fortnite World Cup, and if you want to get part of the action, this is quite possible right now. All you need to do is join the weekly Online Open Qualifiers that will be taking place between April 13 and June 16.

Each week will fetch you a part of the hefty $1 million in prize money should you be lucky enough to finish first. The events will run for ten straight weeks and open to all eligible players.

Eligibility is determined based on age, and anyone who is 13 or older, although a legal guardian or parent’s permission must be granted first if you are not yet 18.

A Fortnite character, official Epic Games art.

Epic Games is going to rely on more third-party event organizers for future tournaments. Credit: Epic Games

Back to the fun part, though, the top 100 Solo Players and the top 50 Duos teams from all across the world will be flocking to the World Cup Finals in New York City on July 26 through July 28 to vie for a share of the $30 million in prize money.

Better yet, each player who makes the cut will be guaranteed at least $50,000 which is quite the sum. First-place for the Solo Cup will fetch you $3 million in ready cash.

More Ways to Win Big with Fortnite

On top of the regular type of competition, you can participate in a set of custom challenges designed specifically for players who are less familiar with the Battle Royale genre and Fortnite in particular.

Epic Games will continue to run $1-million tournaments throughout the entire year, awarding money to talented players, with the ultimate goal being awarding the full $100 million before the year is out.

The company is also co-hosting third-party events, allowing various esports tournament organizers to help create a better-developed competitive ecosystem for the game. At the time of the announcement, Epic had the following to say, as part of an official statement:

The vision for competition in Fortnite is to make competitive play broadly available to everyone. This includes more game modes, playstyles, and formats in structured competition. This broadens the scope and definition of competitive Fortnite while also celebrating exceptional talent and a variety of gameplay skills across all of Fortnite’s game modes.

Epic is also bringing an increasing number of sponsorships on board for its events. Meanwhile, the New York event will remain as the single-highest prize pool in the history of esports so far. With a generous approach towards the community, Epic Games will be awarding quite a few participants with a solid cash reward, which would allow them to pursue a competitive future in esports.

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