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Enteractive to Help Rootz Boosts Its Retention Rates

The retention services company will seek to assist Rootz across global markets and help it boost engagement with customers through tailored campaigns

Rootz and Enteractive will work to ensure that the operator’s presence in global markets such as New Zealand, Canada, and Finland makes an impression on local gaming audiences. Enteractive’s primary focus will be on bringing back active players whose accounts have lapsed.

Rootz and Enteractive have already launched several campaigns together. This started in the fourth quarter of 2022, with a focus on several handpicked brands, namely Caxino, Wildz and Wheels. Enteractive essentially builds highly-personalized campaigns that target specific aspects of the experience that players enjoyed, and reaches out in an attempt to bring those players back.

The company uses a technology platform it refers to as (Re)Activation Cloud, which is a proprietary solution. Enteractive uses native-speaking sales agents who place calls and reach out to customers in a one-on-one setting for maximum results.

Enteractive has been reporting excellent results for numerous partners and brands, owing to its highly personalized, consistent, and considered approach. Rootz CCO Sam Brown welcomed the opportunity and talked about the benefits of having Enteractive help the company reach out to players once again. He said that thanks to Enteractive, Rootz was able to maximize player NGRs and called the process “a no-brainer.”

Reengaging with Players Is a “No-Brainer”

“Although we’re in the early stages of activity, I’m excited to see the uplift in player engagement as a result of Enteractive’s campaigns.” Enteractive chief business officer Andrew Foster was similarly pleased with the collaboration. He explained:

Rootz have a 360 degree approach to their business, so it’s great to be working with another iGaming company that sees the benefits of converting all player revenue opportunities.

Enteractive chief business officer Andrew Foster

Foster hailed the success of the Rootz brands and said that it was beyond doubt that the company would be able to deliver excellent results across the board and help reactivate brands.

Enteractive is a company with more than 12 years of experience in helping businesses with player reactivation and retention. The company has had a strong focus on the iGaming sector and the business reactivates an estimated 13,000 people every month for some of the industry’s leading operators.

In recent months, the company has signed partnerships with BetCity and NetBet, helping both brands to reactive consumers.


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