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Entain’s Grainne Hurst Says Company to Be Pioneer in Customer Wellbeing

Entain Director of Corporate Affairs Grainne Hurst outlines a future of sustainability and consumer well-being for the company and the role it plays in the industry.

Customer Wellbeing Comes first for Entain

Entain is turning a new leaf in 2021, not just because it has just rebranded from GVC Holdings, but also because its commitment to advancing the iGaming and sports betting industries are standing tall. After we spoke with Entain CEO Shay Segev in December, Entain Director of Corporate Affairs Grainne Hurst has explained what the outlook for the company was in 2021.

Speaking in an article published on the website of the Betting and Gaming Council, Hurst has outlined the strategy for the next months. With a new brand and new leadership, a new purpose and vision even, Entain is looking to develop the most exciting and trusted entertainment product for every customer, Hurst said.

One part of this is vowing to make gambling safer, with the company winning the EGR Awards for Safer Gambling Operator of the Year, indicating that the company is on the right path to achieving its stated goals. The roadmap in 2021 is exciting, offering a chance for Entain to be pioneers in many aspects of the experience, she believes.

As Hurst puts it, “we don’t want to be leisurely strolling down that path.” One of the pivotal initiatives this year will be the new Sustainability Charter, which will see Entain pull away from all unregulated markets.

As Segev says, “we don’t want to be operating in countries that don’t want us.” Sustainability is the operational word for the future, and Entain seems well-equipped to achieve that. More importantly, Hurst expects Entain to become the most successful business in the history of the gaming and betting industries, and focus only on regulated markets.

All Committed to Sustainability

Reiterating Segev’s commitment, Hurst said that by the end of 2023, the company will only operate in regulated markets.  Even better, the company doesn’t want to take a dime from anyone who cannot afford to spend it on entertainment.

A cogwheel towards achieving this long-term sustainability is the launch of the Advanced Responsibility & Care (ARC) program, adds Hurst, which will help the company protect consumers. Entain is closing up on partnerships with Future Anthem and Mindway AI to create, as she describes them, minimization solutions.

“We are teched up,” says Hurst, and adds Entain’s commitment to communities the company operates in. Entain is donating £100 million over the next five years, making for a strong commitment to giving back to the community.

Through Trident leagues, Entain is looking to help lower-tier sports survive as well as help those clubs that have been impacted the most by the current coronavirus pandemic. The SportsAid program now features 100 athletes who are entering their third year with the program.

Summarizing the outlook for 2021, Entain will be “a pioneer in ensuring and maintaining customer wellbeing,” which is a stepping stone to long-term success and sustainability.

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