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Entain Takes a Look at Eurovision Betting Favorites

The international betting giant Entain has released its betting numbers for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, with some interesting insights as the event is set to take place this weekend

Entain has taken a look at what the alternative betting handle and took stock of the Eurovision wagers placed through its platforms and brands. Out of the wagers placed on Eurovision via Entain, 17% of those were directly going to Mae Muller, the favorite to win the competition who is representing the United Kingdom.

UK Favorite to Win Upcoming Eurovision Contest

Muller is representing the host country over the weekend and is in pole position to emerge victorious from the race. This is also the first time in 20 years that the contest returns to the United Kingdom, which makes it doubly important for UK fans who will be keen to see their representative perform well – or outright win.

The odds on entertainment markets are often a bit of a moving target, but they are a good gauge of where public opinion stands. Commenting on the upcoming edition of Eurovision, Entain CCO Dominic Grounsell had this to say:

Each year, Eurovision allows millions of people to come together in a celebration of music and take pride in their country’s national culture, creating moments of excitement for fans across the globe.

Eurovision, Entain CCO Dominic Grounsell

Grounsell confirmed that Entain was excited to provide fans with the opportunity to place a bet on their favorites and have fun as they watch the event. Meanwhile, there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of entertainment bets placed on the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to Entain’s estimates, which are based on brands such as Coral and Ladbrokes, there is a 23% increase in the overall betting volume, pushing the numbers up significantly.

Swedish Fans Some of the Most Involved

Entain has also had some insight into what countries tend to be most involved in the competition, with Sweden seeming to show the keenest interest in Eurovision. The country will also see a former Eurovision contestant, Loreen, return to this year’s edition, with 43% of all Swedish fans actually backing her up to win.

Whether she does, though, is a process that is more complex than just good music. There are social factors to consider as well, but Entain is seeing a very positive response to Eurovision over the past years from a betting standpoint, making the event even more popular and loved by people in Europe.

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