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Entain Foundation Partners With UNLV for a Gaming and Betting Research

Entain Foundation US, the charity division of Entain, has teamed up with the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) for a research initiative concerning gaming and betting. The non-profit foundation will supply a founding grant to UNLV to complete the project. The main aim of the research will be to combine it with operational expertise with the purpose of applying the best practice when it comes to responsible gambling, health and policy.

Important US Academic Research to the Table

The Vice President of UNLV, Bo Bernhard, stated that the initiative brings academic research into the field for the first time ever. The research is applied in numerous applied settings to the public domain. He also added that the teams are moving beyond the so-called traditional research center because scientific research will be translated into operational and actionable programs that can be used by regulators, operators, legislators, clinicians and other stakeholders in real venues.

Recently, the Entain Foundation worked with Gendered Innovation to come up with an international training program that is designed to take gender perspectives into consideration when conducting certain research. Martin Lycka, the trustee of Entain Foundation, added that the company continues to support research in every part of the world. This initiative is a bit different and unique as it goes beyond that and brings the practical implementation of the research into focus, which is something that has been missing. Lycka concluded that the practical implementation will benefit both the industry and the customer base.

Entain Recently had a Proposal by DraftKings

Recently, Entain confirmed that it received a lucrative proposal from DraftKings. This proposal is for a takeover of the company by DraftKings at a price of around $22 billion. Currently, DraftKings is one of the biggest operators in the US. With the US Supreme Court decision back in 2018, the sportsbook was able to expand its influence in numerous US states and become the top-rated site where people can wager on sports. It started sponsoring numerous sports leagues and recently, it inked a massive deal with MLB

However, if DraftKings wants to take Entain over, it will face some challenges, with the biggest one being one of its competitors – MGM Resorts International. Entain and MGM are integrated with the online gaming platform of MGM in the US, BetMGM, and MGM has announced its interest in buying out Entain in order to have full control of the business. Not only that, but MGM made it clear that it will try to disrupt the negotiations that are taking place between DraftKings and Entain.

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