Entain Foundation Kickstarts Esports Mental Wellness Program in the US

Entain Foundation has celebrated DreamHack Atlanta by launching the #MindYourGame campaign which focuses on nurturing mental health and well-being among video gamers. The campaign has been designed to reach parents, educators, students, and professionals at more than 450 high schools and esports clubs across more than 40 states in the United States.

Entain Reveals Mental Wellness Program for Gaming and Esports

Some of the prominent targets of Entain Foundation’s efforts are in California, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas, with competitive gaming becoming more popular than ever before. The #MindYourGame campaign is designed to highlight the opportunities and benefits of gaming and esports while addressing underlying issues such as the fact that some players end up struggling with problematic gaming behavior and patterns.

Video games and esports, though, are linked to enhanced problem-solving skills, improved memory, and better engagement in STEM subjects. Even on their own, esports actually offer a range of career opportunities. The campaign also comes with a series of educational videos called Gaming World. As part of the campaign, players will also use worksheets and tools to participate in various activities.

The campaign wants to raise awareness of how gaming affects the brain and the potential risk factors, such as in-game overspending, the importance of balance, and more.

The Program Designs to Highlight the Benefits and Address Issues of Gaming

Martin Lycka, who is a trustee of the Entain Foundation in the United States and is SVP for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling at Entain, welcomed the opportunity and said that the organization was fully committed to supporting and encouraging responsible gambling and gaming.  Varsity Esports Federation executive director Bubba Gaeddert also welcomed the opportunity and said:

Many schools that will benefit from the #MindYourGame campaign are in low-income areas. Their students would not normally have access to these tools and insights or receive this level of support to reach their potential through gaming and esports.

Varsity Esports Federation executive director Bubba Gaeddert

The news was welcomed by Fresno School District, 2021-2022 NAECAD high school esports director Julie Mavrogeorge who said that esports is a great platform to engage and educate all players on a variety of topics, including mental health, and how gaming can be a source of personal and professional growth.

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