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Entain Continues to Work Towards Pay Gap Elimination

Entain is back at it – fixing the industry for all. This time, the entertainment giant is taking aim at fair payment and the notorious pay gap that has hounded societies the world over. No more, Entain says. The company has released an update on how well it has advanced in terms of diversity and inclusion policies and the pay gap is front and center as one of the main issues to tackle.

Entain Commits to Eliminate Pay Gap

“The Gender Pay Gap” report for 2021 showed that the median hourly gap between male and female employees stood at 5.3%, down from 7.1%. However, the mean pay gap in terms of hourly wagers went the other way – from 15% to 16.2%.

Entain’s boss, Jette Nygaard-Andersen, noted that 54% of all employees in the retail shops are already female, and reaffirmed the numbers.

“At Entain our vision is to create a ‘best place to work’ where our colleagues feel valued, respected, and engaged, and to ensure that this is reflected in the way they are rewarded.”

Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen

The higher level of management was 39.1% comprised of women with the upper-mid section of the workforce standing at 52.3% female employees. There were very small changes in these metrics over the last year. Bonuses have also gone significantly up with 69% of male employees receiving one compared to 62.8% of female employees. These numbers went up from 40.9% and 40% respectively compared to 2020.

Entain is also actively seeking to help women and girls get access to technology and innovation by launching several campaigns. One of those is the “Women@Entain” which is an in-house initiative where female employees may share their learning experiences.

Numerous Helpful Structures in the Company

There are listening to groups as part of the company’s structure seeking to help female employees with various issues at work and beyond. Nygaard-Andersen welcomed these efforts as well:

“While we are encouraged by this, we take nothing for granted and have put in place programs and policies such as EnTrain and Women@Entain which will help us continue on this journey.”

Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen

According to the chief executive, this particular approach to diversity and inclusion also translates into a better gaming industry and revolutionizing the verticals.


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