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Entain and McLaren F1 Launch Returnship Program

Entain and the McLaren F1 Team will promote a more balanced and diverse workplace through their Returnship program

Entain and the McLaren F1 Team joined forces for a new campaign. As announced in 2022, the two companies will work together to inspire women to return to careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Entain and McLaren F1 to Inspire Women to Reignite their Careers

The new initiative, called Returnship, seeks to bridge the gender gap in STEM. According to official data, only 26% of STEM graduates in the United Kingdom are women. In addition, only 24% of active STEM workers are female.

Entain believes that it is important to encourage more women to pursue careers in the field, helping to create a healthy ecosystem of equality.

Meanwhile, F1 notes similar trends when it comes to sports betting, as only 26% of punters worldwide are female. Sports, however, are growing increasingly popular among women, with around 40% of fans being female. Because of that, F1 wants to diversify the STEM field to reflect its commitment to equality.

The Returnship program will see an initial cohort of ten STEM spots created, allowing women to join either Entain or the McLaren F1 team. The program will provide the workers with valuable experiences over a six-month period, allowing passionate women to broaden their horizons and grab exciting opportunities.

Entain Unveiled More Details

The best thing about the program is that it is designed to suit women of different experience levels. Candidates will be supported by a 1-1 transitional coach, who will teach them valuable lessons for returning to work, flexible working and networking with senior executives. The best participants may even be promoted to a permanent role after the six-month program.

Example placement roles, according to Entain, include all kinds of STEM-related positions, including software engineers, back-end developers, data scientists and design engineers among others. The full list can be seen on the program’s official website.

There are a few requirements as well. The candidates must have been unemployed, underemployed or reskilling for at least three months. They are also expected to have at least 2 years of professional experience as well. Lastly, applicants must have either STEM-related qualifications or experience or a personal and provable passion for technology, data and/or engineering.

This is only one of Entain’s numerous programs to promote a healthier workplace, diversity and inclusion. Previous similar programs include EnTrain and Reboot@Ivy.

Entain and the McLaren F1 Team Are Delighted to Be Working Together

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, the chief executive officer of Entain, spoke about the new program. She said that she is happy to help talented women re-enter the STEM field. To that end, Nygaard-Andersen is excited to join forces with McLaren and help women rediscover the industry.

We share a passion and commitment for giving women a platform to reignite their careers in STEM and hope that through this program, we not only support a generation of ambitious women now but inspire future generations of girls to land their dream STEM role.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, CEO, Entain

Meanwhile, Zak Brown, the chief executive officer of McLaren Racing, said that his team is thrilled to launch the Returnship program alongside Entain. He noted that this is an opportunity to drive real change.


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