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EHOME Soar to Fantastic Victory in the Bucharest Minor 2019

  • EHOME goes undefeated for 9 games in the Bucharest Minor 2019
  • The 2018 International winners get eliminated out of the race
  • EHOME secured the last game to become the Bucharest Minor champion

The Dota 2 Bucharest Minor 2019 has wrapped up with EHOME overcoming all competition with a nearly perfect score.

Strong Start for EHOME at Dota 2’s Bucharest Minor

With just a few days to go before the Chongqing Major, the second main event for the Dota 2 2018/2019 competitive season, the Bucharest Minor, in the books, all teams are now preparing for an event of a particular scale and glamor.

The Bucharest Minor official artwork.

The Bucharest Minor official poster and artwork..

Despite the road bumps that the organization experienced and the brief fears that the pow-wow might be scrapped altogether, the Chongqing Major is very much happening.

Reel back to yesterday’s events when the Bucharest Minor took place. The Dota 2 tournament was a last-chance opportunity for competing teams to notch up an invitation for Chongqing. With the entire focus of Dota being on China this year, it was most welcome to see a team from the country dominate the entire event. The Chinese powerhouse EHOME pulled off an impressive result:

  • EHOME – Pmaker 2:0
  • OG – EHOME: 0:2
  • EHOME – Keen Gaming: 2:0
  • EHOME – Gambit Gaming: 2:0

The team started the Bucharest Minor on a strong note. They emerged from the groups with a perfect 4-0 score, having dispatched the hopefuls from Pmaker and then facing off the 2018 Wold Champions from OG. Dispatching everyone out of their way, EHOME secured themselves a spot the winner bracket. And they refused to let go.

EHOME were faced with even stronger contenders, with Gambit Gaming and Keen Gaming both proving teams determined to deal the first defeat to the team. However, events turned out slightly differently. EHOME went head on against KG and managed to secure two quick games, achieving the impressive 6:0.

Next it was for Gambit to face the wrath of EHOME, the unyielding Chinese powerhouse. Starting aggressively, Gambit contested the first game, trying to pressure the long-range set-up of EHOME, courtesy of a Sniper pick, but Gambit gradually found themselves out of position against a defensively playing EHOME, which successfully punished every act of aggression.

With Gambit subdued, EHOME soared to a convincing victory in game two, relegating Gambit to the lower bracket to square it out with Keen Gaming. Feeling comfortable about their chances , EHOME waited patiently as KG and Gambit fought to get into the BO5 showdown, with Gambit inflicting two quick defeats on KG.

Now it was up for Gambit Gaming to prove to everyone that they can come back into the game. Having guaranteed themselves smooth victory against KG, Gambit had got the practice that they needed to come up confident against EHOME.

What followed was a convincing EHOME victory for the Chinese powerhouse with the Europeans conceding a defeat in the opening game. The second game saw Gambit claim a hard-fought victory, but EHOME corrected the score in the third game once again.

The last and deciding game was a matter of protocol for EHOME who brought home the title in a convincing final game, thus wrapping up the entire event.

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