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EGBA Proposes Creation of Standard Markers for Gambling Harm

The European Committee for Standardization is reviewing a proposal pushed forward by EGBA which calls for the creation of standard markers for gambling harm for the Old Continent

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) submitted a proposal seeking the creation of standard markers for gambling harm in Europe.

Standard European Markers to Combat Gambling Addiction

The proposal was submitted Thursday to the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) as EGBA is planning to enhance the protection of customers and fight gambling harm. The Association said that the creation of a standardized list of markers in Europe will boost the efforts against gambling-related harm.

The initiative was supported by leading experts in harm prevention, as well as academic groups that signed a letter to support the creation of markers for gambling harm. The groups of experts acknowledged that such markers would help better understand problem gambling and at the same time help reduce and prevent gambling harm in Europe.

We urge national standardization bodies, gambling authorities, and other stakeholders to support this common-sense proposal to jointly develop a standard on markers of harm in Europe.

Maarten Haijer, secretary general at EGBA

EGBA’s secretary general, Maarten Haijer, called for the use of a common-sense proposal when developing standard markers for gambling harm in Europe. He explained that gambling regulators, standardization bodies as well as other stakeholders in the industry can collaborate to achieve this.

Haijer said that standard markers for gambling harm will play a pivotal role when it comes to preventing problem gambling, enhancing the protection of customers, or combating at-risk gambling. Finally, EGBA’s secretary general said: “The process to develop the standard would bring together the knowledge and expertise of academics, researchers, harm prevention experts, and other stakeholders to work collaboratively towards the common purpose of preventing gambling-related harm.”

Health Experts to Help with the Development of Harm Markers

The CEN, which is in charge of developing standards for the Old Continent, initiated a vote with the national standardization bodies (NSBs) of European countries, as well as its members, to decide if EGBA’s proposal for a European standard markers for gambling harm should be allowed.

EGBA believes that a reliable, standardized list of markers of harm is essential for preventing gambling-related harm in Europe,

reads a statement released by EGBA

As a result, NSBs will be able to vote on the topic by the end of this month. Considering that EGBA’s proposal receives approval, health experts, gambling regulators, as well as operators will be able to join the discussion and help in the creation of standard markers for gambling harm.


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