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EGBA Backs the European Union’s e-ID Standardization 

The e-ID measure would need to secure formal approval from the EU Council of Ministers before it can be adopted officially

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) expressed its approval of the European Union’s new digital ID laws. The new regulation, approved by the European Parliament on February 29, would introduce a standardized European Digital Identity (e-ID) process for citizens and businesses in EU member states.

The new measure seeks to protect the privacy and security of customers in the union, allowing them to prove their identities without having to rely on third-party providers. It addresses earlier concerns about commercial providers’ ability to protect consumer data.

The e-ID law amends the eIDAS Regulation. It would need to secure formal approval from the EU Council of Ministers before it can be adopted officially.

The standardized non-commercial identification method, the EGBA noted, would offer many benefits, including enhanced data security. This would minimize the risk of identity theft and fraud.

The association praised this transformative tool, saying that it would address many current concerns. It added that the e-IDs’ streamlined approach will increase user confidence in digital transactions, while reducing business costs for many companies, including gambling operators.

However, the EGBA admitted that the success of the e-ID concept will ultimately depend on the participation rate among citizens since its use will be entirely voluntary.

The official adoption of e-IDs is expected to come by summer 2024.

Enhanced Security, Lower Costs

In any case, the EGBA welcomed the e-ID, pointing out that it has been supportive of this measure ever since it was proposed in 2021. The association recognized its potential to revolutionize the online commerce sector, including online gambling.

The EGBA highlighted the significance of the e-ID to the iGaming sector, saying that it would provide players with an “easy, secure, trustworthy, and singular option to confirm their identity in the EU.”

Maarten Haijer, EGBA’s secretary general, commented on the matter, saying that his team welcomes the European Parliament’s approval of the e-ID. He reiterated that the unified digital identity framework would lead to a “more seamless and trustworthy online experience” for players, while greatly reducing costs for gambling operators.

This innovative tool represents an important step towards building a more secure and user-friendly digital ecosystem, aligning with EGBA’s core objectives of promoting integrity, transparency, and a safe, consumer-centric playing environment.

Maarten Haijer, secretary general, EGBA

Several months ago, the EGBA asked France to end its ban on online gambling amid the concerning growth of the black market. 


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