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DWG’s LuckyTap Games Continue to Disrupt iGaming

Design Works Gaming continues to drive innovation in iGaming through its famous LuckyTap game series

Design Works Gaming, a developer of top-performing casino titles, has once again disrupted iGaming with its new product line. The provider’s LuckyTap series seeks to depart from the hackneyed symbol-matching mechanics in traditional games and introduce a brand-new genre.

DWG Disrupts iGaming with Innovative Experiences

As announced by DWG, the LuckyTap games are a product that has been designed to resonate with the needs of contemporary audiences. LuckyTap, according to the studio, is “the future of gambling.”

The games of the series are started with a simple tap, after which the players can enjoy a plethora of polished animations, unique and innovative mechanics and relevant themes. Because of this, the LuckyTap games are poised to appeal to customers of all genders and ages.

The chief executive officer of DWG, Troy Zurawski, slammed the lack of innovation in the industry. He noted that most of the content in the last few decades has been derivative in nature. DWG, however, seeks to change that and stray away from established gambling models.

We’ve removed dice, cards, balls and matching models and transitioned into success-driven mechanics. Did I win or did I lose? This has allowed us to cut through a huge learning curve that exists in most gambling games, leaving room for more enjoyment and excitement.

Troy Zurawski, CEO, DWG

Zurawski concluded that no matter the theme of the game, LuckyTap makes it very clear to players how to win and how much they can win. Unlike its competitor titles, LuckyTap games do not make use of a complicated paytable that confuses players.

DWG Prefers Simplicity Over Complexity

DWG said that its innovative titles were based on deep research on game design, human behaviors, player impulses and game data. All these principles are applied when making LuckyTap titles.

Dustin Bozovich, DWG’s game design manager said that when he first started his career, games were far too complicated. Despite that, according to his observation of the industry, players really cared about winning or losing. Because of that, DWG decided to cut out the unnecessary mechanics and avoid player confusion.

DWG noted that LuckyTap prioritizes simplicity over complexity. It is built upon intuitive mechanics that can be easily understood by players. This way even people who don’t like slots can enjoy the LuckyTap content.

DWG has released 30 LuckyTap games so far and is planning to release 15 more within the next twelve months. The studio has existing agreements with many major operators in the United States and the United Kingdom and is in talks with additional major brands.


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