November 26, 2021 3 min read


Dutch Gaming Authority Helps Shut Down Illegal Facebook Bingo Group

A Facebook group that was organizing illegal online bingo has been shut down by the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA). As a way of promoting its activity, Dordtse Queens used Facebook’s platform. Moreover, the eight administrators were advertising games on their Facebook pages. The KSA called this network an illegal bingo spider web while referring to its interconnected nature.

Minors Were Able to Participate in the Games

The administrators of the pages allegedly allowed minors to participate in the games. After making a swift move and reporting the pages to Facebook, the KSA helped in the process of shutting them down. All six pages that were connected to Dordtse Queens were removed.

The Dutch regulator stated that it has been reporting these types of activities to Facebook for quite a while now, if the platform is used for practicing illegal activities, of course. It also reminded everyone that in the Netherlands, offering bingo or any other game of chance without owning a license is illegal. Recently, authorities in the country have tightened the rules against unlicensed operators even more.

In the statement by the KSA, a warning to all operators who are trying to offer games without having a license was issued. In the warning, the Dutch regulator said that it monitors the industry so that players can have the safest gaming experience when accessing games of chance and so that participation in illegal activities is prevented. Those that organize illegal bingo or lotteries are at the risk of receiving a huge fine.

The KSA Has Been Busy in The Recent Period

Recently, the KSA has been making a lot of progress in making sure that Dutch players have a safe and entertaining gaming experience. The regulator flagged 25 gambling sites on November 15 for further investigation. If it is determined that they were providing players with illegal services, they will receive adequate sanctions.

Being sanctioned is something that illegal websites should be afraid of now more than ever. New rules impose higher sanctions. The Netherlands’ new gambling market went live recently with the amendments that were made to the country’s Gambling Act on October 1.

To prove its seriousness, the Dutch regulator even fined Tipico for organizing illegal gambling activities in the country. Even though Tipico argued that it did not target the Netherlands, it still ended up with a fine of $621,000 (€530,000). The investigation against the operator was opened back in January 2020. The KSA claimed that for a long period, Tipico had the Netherlands as a viable point of registration in its sign-up form.

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