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DraftKings Takes the Cake in New York in a Single Week

The sports betting company has secured half of the total betting handle in the week that ended on April 21, according to the New York State Gaming Commission

The data shows that DraftKings was able to pull in a total of $27.3 million in terms of sports gambling revenue, half of the market total more or less. DraftKings posted a hold level of 14.6% on the $187.1 million wagered with the platform during the week and set a new record for itself.

DraftKings Steals the Thunder from FanDuel in NY Sports Betting

Overall, sportsbooks in the Empire State collected 12.6% in win rate, posting $57.3 million in revenue, and boasting exceptional results. Yet, this is not the highest amount bookmakers have collected since sports gambling launched in the state.

DraftKings and FanDuel accounted for the bulk of the total wins, with the two companies posting a combined value of around $48.5 million in revenue and leaving a very small amount to be shared between other participants in the market.

FanDuel trailed DraftKings slightly in both the amount it was able to hold – 12.4%, and the amount it has seen wagered with the platform – $170.9 million, bringing FanDuel’s winnings to $21.2 million, behind DraftKings’.

Yet, FanDuel has also been contributing its fair share to the state, having paid $900 million in all-time tax contributions to the state since the activity launched. In 2024 alone, FanDuel has already handled more than $3 billion wagers, making it one of the largest.

Digging deeper into the State Commission’s data the third best-performing company was Fanatics Sportsbook, which entered the market as a direct successor of PointsBet, which it bought out.

The Rest of the Pack – No Way of Catching Up

The sportsbook still posted a rather good result, enjoying a 9.7% hold out of the $17.9 million handle it posted. The total revenue for PointsBet and Fanatics Sportsbooks stood at $60 million in total in New York so far.

These weekly results also saw Caesars take a part of the action, with around a 9% win rate, a $3 million win, and $33.7 million in total wagers placed. BetMGM came next with a slightly better margin than Caesars, posting 9.3% in hold, collecting $2.8 million, but driving overall a smaller betting handle through its book.

DraftKings and FanDuel’s local market dominance has to do with the companies’ willingness to spend increasingly on bonuses and promotions which are what ultimately bring new players for operators or incentivize others to gamble. Visibility-wise, America’s two largest sportsbooks are the undisputed champions not just in the week ended on April 21 but in the market as a whole.


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