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DraftKings Receives Exclusive Sportsbetting Contract in New Hampshire

DraftKings is now the first and only sportsbetting operator in New Hampshire, and will be launching its mobile product by January 2020.

DraftKings Obtains Sportsbetting Monopoly in New Hampshire

The sportsbetting industry in the United States is expanding rapidly. The latest state to approve land-based and mobile betting is New Hampshire, which has recently named DraftKings as its sole sportsbook operator.

It was in July 2019 that Governor Chris Sununu signed sportsbetting legislation for up to 10 brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and five mobile betting operations; however, it seems that DraftKings will be the only sportsbook operating in the state.

A Great Deal for New Hampshire

As part of its exclusive deal, DraftKings will pay 50% of its betting revenue to the state of New Hampshire. If that sounds like a lot of money, that’s because there was very steep competition and Draft Kings came out on top with what the state considered the “best financial package”.

DraftKings also promised the fastest implementation time. The company plans to have everything up and running by January, which is presumably much more quickly than other companies that were in the running for sportsbetting licenses in New Hampshire.  

“We moved fast to get this done, and the deal is a win for New Hampshire. We are partnering with a world-class company to provide a first-rate customer service experience”

– Governor Sununu

While mobile betting will be available by the start of 2020, the retail sportsbook will come later. DraftKings estimates that New Hampshire will see its first brick-and-mortar’s grand opening by the springtime of next year.  

Partnering with the NH Lottery

Now, DraftKings will be working closely with the New Hampshire Lottery to create a betting product that will be attractive to punters across the state. They will also be working together to ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place so players gamble responsibly.

As the only sportsbetting operator in New Hampshire, DraftKings will be under plenty of pressure to deliver a high-quality product to players across the state. However, judging by the brands impressive performance in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania so far, that shouldn’t be a problem.

 “Our best-in-class mobile sportsbook and several retail locations throughout the state are sure to be a hit with all types of customers as legalized sports betting continues to expand across the country”

– Matt Kalish, co-founder of DraftKings.

However, there are some concerns that New Hampshire may be shooting itself in the foot by offering a monopoly to DraftKings. In time, punters may want more choice and there will only be one betting operator available in the state.

It is expected that the new DraftKings sportsbook in New Hampshire will be launched by January 2020. This means that punters across the state will have the ability to place their bets on the Super Bowl.

We are now starting to see more and more states across America opening up their betting markets. Until recently, sportsbetting was illegal across the country but, one by one, state lawmakers are allowing players to wager on their favourite sports. It may not be long until sportsbetting is made available from coast to coast.


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