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DraftKings Introduces Rocket as Latest In-House Casino Game

DraftKings has revealed the launch of the DraftKings Rocket game, which will be joining the company’s casino product suite. DraftKings currently operates its suite in West Virginia, Michigan and New Jersey, while the newest game awaits regulatory approval.

DraftKings Rocket on the Launchpad

The game is built in-house and reflects on DraftKings broader ambitions to become a powerhouse in the development of iGaming products with 30 games already on its portfolio. A total of 60 games unique games are already available to DraftKings players, part of a larger portfolio.

DraftKings is building upon its iGaming focus by adding more products to the already existing Spanish 21 and DKCraps, which were released earlier this year and resulted from the company’s concerted in-house development efforts. “By developing DraftKings Rocket, our team continues to innovate our Casino offerings as we set out to create an all-new, one-of-a-kind iGaming experience for customers,” commented DraftKings VP of iGaming Jason March.

March and the rest of the team at DraftKings are excited to have the opportunity to add new and unique products to the overall iGaming experience available on the platform. Following in a customer-first tradition, DraftKings Rocket is designed to offer new and exciting ways for players for peer-to-peer interaction.

Introducing a New Gaming Experience

DraftKings Rocket also comes with a sizable pool worth $1 million, which will be distributed among winners. The wins are delivered through what the press release describes as a “shared and interactive interface,” which sets a new trend for DraftKings games as a whole.

The game is a “crash style” title where players are invited to bid on how far into orbit (and beyond) a rocket can make it. The higher the rocket raises, the better the payout becomes, but if players fail to cash out before the rocket stops rising, they lose their wager. Conversely, cashing out in time brings them a good payout.

DraftKings Rocket comes with more hidden gems, such as randomized objectives throughout the gameplay to spice up an already promising experience. The game, along with the 60 unique games developed for the DraftKings portfolio, 30 of which are created in-house, all add to a library of over 500 games available at the casino presently.

Through its latest game, DraftKings reiterates its commitment to provide players with an engaging and regulated gaming experience, with customers now standing a shot at winning millions of dollars every day through Rocket and other assorted iGaming titles.


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