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DraftKings Becomes Official Fantasy Game Partner of PGA Tour

  • The agreement will allow users access to real-time video highlights.
  • This partnership will open up new opportunities for both parties.
  • Shared content between the platforms and innovative product enhancements to come

DraftKings and PGA Tour have stepped into a multi-year agreement, which will brand daily fantasy golf contests under the collaborative name PGA Tour DraftKings Fantasy Golf.

Under the terms of the deal subscribers will benefit with access to video highlights of the tour in real-time via upcoming enhancements to ShotLink. The latter being the tour’s proprietary data platform, powered by CDW, a US technology company, which serves to present followers with real-time information on the scores.

Other benefits to the audience, stemming from the agreement, will include shared content between the two platforms and a variety of customizable contests between players and fans.

These news come shortly after the softening of the restrictions on gambling and liquor company endorsements, on the side of the PGA Tour.

Prior to this, the tour had strict terms, banning players from taking part in monetary DFS games involving golf.

Andy Levinson, the senior vice president of tournament administration of the tour, shared his perspective on the better opportunities to come, partly thanks to the Supreme Court’s judgment from last year, which allowed for the tour’s collaboration with sports betting entities.

Not only did he point out the great benefits of the relationship, but said that he is looking forward to the new insight to be gained and the new ways in which this move will reach golf fans around the globe.

This week marks the beginning of the agreement, starting with the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational of the Tour.

A New Industry to Build Upon Integrity Established

The contests of the PGA Tour DraftKings Fantasy Golf will include numerous competitions each week. Starting with the “classic” format in which fans would draft a fantasy list of six players.

“Showdown” contests are also to be included – these entail a team of six, compiled by the players, which is required to stay under a designated salary cap for a single round of a tournament. Furthermore, players and fans can compete in customizable contests, which include friends and colleagues, or in private ones.

DraftKings and the PGA Tour will be offering a range of prizes – in both cash and golf-related themes – to encourage the healthy competitor spirit.

Beyond Public – Going Global

Subscribers, watching the event from afar, will be able to view real-time video highlights thanks to the new agreement, via ShotLink, which – as already stated – is to undergo new enhancements.

The progress of the tour can also be followed internationally via GolfTV, the Discovery-owned streaming service and via Amazon Prime’s Video Channels.

The PGA Tour also announced that they will be adding the rights of seven early-round golf events to their streaming service. This will happen between September and December 2019 and will include matches featured for the first time from the President’s Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

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