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DraftKings and bet365 Lead as Fairest Sportsbooks in US and UK

The inaugural FairPlay Fair Betting Survey uncovered important insights regarding the views of bettors in the US and the UK

The global sports media network, FairPlay Sports Media (FPSM), announced the results of its inaugural FairPlay Fair Betting Survey, uncovering important insights regarding the opinion of bettors in the UK and the US. The recently released study follows a remote collection of a sample between January 5 and February 6. Overall, FPSM collected responses from approximately 500 bettors within the legal age for gambling in the UK and the US.

Notably, the FairPlay Fair Betting Survey highlighted DraftKings and FanDuel as the most trusted operators for the US market, while bet365 was identified for its trusted position within the UK market. The new survey sought to determine how important “fairness” is for the bettors in the respective market when they select a bookmaker. Additionally, FPSM engaged in assessing other important factors that impact the betting experience for the players.

Stuart Simms, FPSM’s group CEO, spoke about the inaugural survey, outlining that it is exciting to see how bettors evaluate “fairness” when it comes to selecting a betting operator. He said that the study uncovered that fair treatment is significantly important when it comes to building relationships between bookmakers and clients.

Simms said that FPSM had a “hunch” it would see market-leading operators identified as the “fairest” operators in their respective jurisdictions. He commended FanDuel, DraftKings and bet365 for their exceptional results. Finally, Simms said: “It’s clear that the US and UK markets have crossover when it comes to what ‘fairness’ means, and although the UK may be a more mature market, it could be said – based on these results – that to drive lifetime value and decrease churn, it could learn some more in customer service from across the pond.”

It’s fascinating to see how “fairness” fits into the bettor’s psyche when choosing their operators.

Stuart Simms, group CEO at FairPlay Sports Media

Fairness and Fair Treatment Are Significantly Important

According to the FairPlay Fair Betting Survey, the “fairest” sportsbook in the US was DraftKings. The leading betting and gaming operator received support from 37% of the participants in the survey, while FanDuel ranked second with 33%.

On the other hand, 40% of the UK bettors who participated in the study identified bet365 as the “fairest” sportsbook. A distant second with 16% support was SkyBet, followed by Paddy Power which was identified as the third fairest operator with 12%.

The latest survey uncovered important insights regarding the fairness of the industry in the US and UK markets. In the US, 78% of the bettors said that fair treatment is “very important” when they pick a betting operator. Only 16% of the bettors admitted to experiencing unfair treatment by an operator.

In contrast, a majority of the bettors in the UK, or 87% admitted that fair treatment was “very important,” but more than half also said they have been subject to unfair treatment. FPSM’s study found out that a staggering 54% of the UK bettors admitted having been treated “unfairly” by an operator. Not unexpectedly, half of the people who were impacted by unfair treatment stopped using the services of the operator treatment being the main reason.


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