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DraftKings Acquires BlueRibbon, Integrates Jackpot Functionality

DraftKings, the US-based sports betting company, acquired BlueRibbon, a Tel Aviv-based global jackpot company. As a result of the acquisition, DraftKings will implement the company’s customizable jackpot solution, which will boost the player experience.

DraftKings Acquires Blue Ribbon

US-based sports betting operator, DraftKings, announced on Monday that it acquired Blue Ribbon Software Ltd. BlueRibbon is a Tel Aviv-based leading global jackpot company that provides real-time gamification tools, allowing integration of customizable jackpot solution.

By acquiring the company, now, DraftKings will be able to boost players’ experience and integrate the innovative jackpot solution. Furthermore, the company is also going to include personalized promotions and rewards tailored for each customer.

Besides integrating BlueRibbon’s jackpot functionality, DraftKings also plans to integrate the company’s leadership, and employee base from Tel Aviv, into its global workforce. Furthermore, DraftKings plans to expand the office in Tel Aviv and hire more professionals.

BlueRibbon’s Innovative Technology Enhances Player Experience

Back in 2017, CEO Amir Askarov and CMO Dan Fischer founded BlueRibbon. The two industry veterans were joined by Idan Fridman, who as CTO led the company’s development of jackpot technology. As a result, the jackpot technology was so flexible, that it could be implemented in any game or content. Besides seamless experience, the innovative technology boosted the player’s excitement.

Joining DraftKings will allow us to continue to build our platform to enhance the player experience and to strengthen our Tel Aviv-based team.

Amir Askarov, CEO, BlueRibbon

In a statement, Askarov revealed that BlueRibbon’s purpose is to “give companies the ability to differentiate themselves” in the highly competitive sports betting industry. Furthermore, he acknowledged that by joining DraftKings, BlueRibbon’s team will be able to continue building its platform, while enhancing the player experience. In conclusion, Askarov said that the acquisition will also help strengthen the team based in Tel Aviv.

DraftKings Is Excited about the Acquisition

Paul Liberman, DraftKings co-founder and president of Global Technology and Product, shared his excitement in a statement. He outlined that DraftKings integrating BlueRibbon’s proprietary, and proven technology, will result in the creation of “dynamic incentives“.

Integrating BlueRibbon’s proprietary, proven technology will enable DraftKings to create dynamic incentives for our users as they engage with our products.

Paul Liberman, DraftKings co-founder and president, Global Technology and Product

Furthermore, he acknowledged that BlueRibbon’s team brings significant industry expertise to DraftKings. In conclusion, Liberman stressed that DraftKings is excited about the acquisition which will undoubtedly differentiate its product offering and enhance customer experience.


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