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Detroit’s The Reef Launches Innovative ‘Cannabis Casino’ Concept

With games like blackjack, craps, roulette, slot machines, and more, customers can win prizes, which include cannabis products or store credit

Detroit Metro Times reported that Detroit’s Reef dispensary has launched a novel concept that it believes is the first of its kind in the US – a “cannabis casino.” 

The Reef Pivots to Cannabis Casino Amid Detroit’s Recreational License Delays

The Reef says it did not require any additional legal considerations as customers do not gamble real money. The cannabis casino idea came from a partnership with Jason Kouza of Dort Hwy Dispo, a Flint-area dispensary that came up with the idea and started developing the games used at The Reef.

The Reef, one of the first cannabis dispensaries to open in Detroit, decided to make the pivot to the new concept as adult-use cannabis licenses got held up in Detroit in recent years. 

Due to a city ordinance aimed at providing a boost to Black Detroiters, who were unfairly impacted by the war on drugs, Detroit was one of the final municipalities in Michigan to permit recreational dispensaries. 

However, the implementation of the Detroit social equity plan for cannabis faced legal challenges and was delayed for several years. As a result, the plan did not have the intended positive effect.

The Reef Plans Expansion of Cannabis Casino Concept to Multiple Locations

The Reef’s cannabis casino concept required customers to spend a certain amount of money, and they would receive a ratio of reward points that could be used on the casino games. For example, if customers spent $25, they would get a chance to play one of the games, and if they spent $50, they would get two chances. If customers did not want to play the games immediately, they could accrue points and play a more extended game like blackjack later.

The Reef’s casino promotion is one of many it offers to distinguish itself in the crowded cannabis retail industry in Michigan. The dispensary recently launched its own version of the McDonald’s “Monopoly” game promotion, where customers can win prizes like $100,000 cash, free pot for life, a Caribbean trip for two, or a kit to grow their cannabis plants at home. 

In addition, the dispensary offers other promotions like pull tabs and scratch-off cards. The company plans to expand the cannabis casino concept to its Muskegon Heights location and to open additional dispensaries in Detroit and Hamtramck. The company also plans to hire between 20 to 30 new employees in the coming months.

The Reef’s cannabis casino concept could be a game-changer in the cannabis retail industry. By offering new, innovative ways for customers to engage with the dispensary, The Reef hopes to differentiate itself from competitors and provide a more enjoyable experience for its customers.


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