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Detroit Casinos’ September Revenue Is $110.4 Million, According to MGCB

According to the numbers released by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) on Tuesday, the three casinos in Detroit had total revenue of $110.4 million in September. Compared to the revenue of September last year, which was $87.9 million, that is a 25% increase. However, it is worth noting that in September 2020, the facilities were operating at just 15% capacity due to COVID-19 health restrictions.

The revenue of September 2019 was 2% higher, though; in this month, Detroit’s casinos raked in $112.3 million.

Table and Slot Games Were The Main Contributors to the State

As the numbers suggest, slots and table games were responsible for a total of $106.9 million, while retail sports betting generated $3.5 million in revenue. The largest market share belonged to MGM Grand Detroit – 45%. MotorCity Casino Hotel’s market share was 34% and the market share of Greektown casino was 21%.

The casinos’ revenue from table and slot games in September was 21.6% higher than the revenue of these games in September 2020, but compared to August 2021, they were 4.7% lower, as reported by the MGCB. Last month, MGM recorded $48.4 million in revenue and MotorCity had $36.5 million in revenue, while Greektown’s revenue was $22 million. Compared to September 2020, all three casinos had higher revenue.

September’s revenue from slot and table games was increased by over 100% compared to the same period in 2020, when the casinos were either closed or had to work with a small capacity for longer periods. Currently, they have no restrictions concerning the allowed capacity.

All three casinos paid a total of $8.7 million in gaming taxes to Michigan in September, which is an increase compared to the $7.1 million in the same period last year. Additionally, they submitted $16.8 million in development agreement payments to Detroit and wagering taxes.

Aggregate Revenue in Q3 Was Also Up

The aggregate revenue of Q3 increased by 112.9% compared to 2020. In this quarter, MGM’s reported revenue was $154.4 million, MotorCity’s revenue was $111.6 million and, finally, Greektown’s revenue was $68.8 million.

During the same period, these three casinos paid a total of $27.1 million in taxes. That is a massive increase compared to Q3 in 2020; the taxes paid for that period were $12.7 million.

On the retail sports betting’s side, September’s qualified adjusted gross receipts were down 20.9% compared to September 2020, but they increased by 109.8% from August, as the MGCB reports.

MGM’s sports betting revenue in September was $1.3 million. MotorCity reported $1.2 million and Greektown’s sports betting revenue was $888,813. The total sports betting handle reported by the casinos was upwards of $32.5 million.

On the side of taxes, the casinos paid retail sports betting taxes of $130,885 to the state and an additional $159,970 to Detroit.

Michigan sports betting was launched in 2020, while online betting and online gambling launched in January 2021. The results are reported separately by the state.

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