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Denmark Allocates Funds for Combating Gambling Harm

Denmark has allocated DKK 10 million for the research of gambling harm and the promotion of safer gambling in the country

Denmark has a concerning gambling problem. The country, which has a population of 5.85 million, has a whopping 500,000 people suffering from gambling problems. This figure was reported by Rambøll last year, as commissioned by the Gambling Authority.

The harm rates have more than doubled since 2016, sparking concerns about the future of the country. Luckily, many people now realize the dangers of gambling addiction, prompting active efforts to reduce it.

As a result, the Danish government has now agreed to set aside DKK 10 million (around $1.47 million) for treating gambling harm each year from 2023 to 2025. The project will see this money invested in various initiatives.

A Breakthrough of How the Money Will Be Used

The Danish government officialized its plans for 2023, sharing details on how the money will be used.

DKK 5 million will be used for the research of gambling addiction. Research groups can apply for a grant by contacting the Ministry of the Interior and Health. The main purpose of this research would be to find ways to treat problem gambling.

Another DKK 2.5 million will be provided to the local regulator, which will run a new information campaign. The authority will target people of all ages and will try to convey how dangerous irresponsible gambling can be.

Furthermore, DKK 1.5 million has been set aside for the development of a national information platform where people can find educational materials on gambling addiction.

Lastly, a million will be used by the regulator to begin a study of gambling addiction in Nordic countries. The study, however, would depend on the other Nordic countries’ willingness to collaborate. If they fail to allocate funds for the project, the Danish regulator will simply move the funds to its national campaign.

Bruus Praised the Funding

Jeppe Bruus Christensen, Denmark’s Minister for Taxation, described the recent developments in gaming as “very worrying.” He emphasized that problem gambling can cause long-term damage to the lives of those who suffer from it.

Bruus said that Denmark has an obligation to protect vulnerable groups from harm, which is why the country needs to reinforce its efforts against problem gambling.

Therefore, we need to both strengthen information efforts towards children and young people and research into gambling addiction.

Jeppe Bruus Christensen, Minister for Taxation, Denmark

Bruus concluded that he is very happy that more funding has now been allocated for this cause.

A month ago, on the other hand, Denmark introduced player registrations for land-based gaming. This will hopefully help the country mitigate gambling fraud while protecting at-risk players.


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