November 28, 2022 3 min read

Defrauded Norfolk Company Gets Money Back from Gambling Institutions

A Norfolk company has been able to recover more than GBP 1 million ($1.2 million) in stolen funds after one of its employees used the money to feed his gambling addiction.

Defrauded Norfolk Company Receives Most of the Money Back

The Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) reported that Norfolk-based waterproof accessories seller SealSkinz received GBP 1.2 million ($1.5 million) back resulting from voluntary cashback from the gambling companies that the fraudster spent the stolen money on. 

Paul Fitzsimmons, senior financial investigation manager at ERSOU, commented: “This case once more underlines that ERSOU’s specialist financial investigators will continue to use the Proceeds of Crime Act and asset recovery powers to strip the assets of criminals. Our teams are committed to ensuring crime doesn’t pay and will leave no stone unturned as they look to return money to victims of crime.

Following the conviction of Andrew May, a SealSkinz employee, in July 2021, the ERSOU conducted a further investigation with the help of the UK Gambling Commission. 

As a result, the ERSOU was able to determine the amount of stolen money May gambled away and on which websites the gambling addict spent the money.

Following these revelations, the gambling institutions that received fraudulent money from May’s activities transferred the funds back directly to SealSkinz.

In the course of the legal proceedings, SealSkinz reported that May’s activities have led to cost reductions at the company and staff being let go. Additionally, the company’s investors were also required to invest further for the company to continue its business.  

In addition to the funds SealSkinz received from the gambling companies, it was revealed in the investigation that May also own assets worth GBP 49,500 ($59,835). This amount will also be repaid to the company. 

Company Employee Stole $1.7 Million in Four Years

SealSkinz was cheated out of GBP 1.3 million ($1.7 million) by 46-year-old company employee Andrew May.

May started cheating on his employer in February 2015, while holding the position of finance and IT manager. He created false invoices, which were allegedly coming from various suppliers and transferred funds to his personal account. May used the money to gamble on different gambling websites.

May continued with his fraudulent activities after being promoted to head of supply of SealSkinz and up to the end of July 2019, when he was eventually caught.

May’s defender argued in court that his crimes resulted from his gambling addiction. The lawyer pointed out that one of the gambling websites received payments of GBP 461,000 ($557,835) but did not pose any questions about where the funds are coming from.

May has also never received any assistance to limit his excessive gambling or any other help addressing his gambling problem.

Andrew May was convicted for his crimes in July 2021 and is currently serving his sentence of four years in prison.


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