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Defense Attorney Asks for Intensive Corrections Order in Betting Fraud Case

The defense of a young man, accused of stealing AU$1.2 million from nearly two dozen victims, asked for an intensive corrections order instead of a full-time jail sentence

It is not uncommon for individuals affected by problem gambling to engage in illicit activities, including fraud, theft or in some cases even violent crimes. Driven by the urge to gamble more and chasing losses, problem gamblers often get themselves deeper into trouble by piling up debt or having issues with the law.

In one similar case, a young man who was accused of defrauding more than a dozen victims is currently awaiting sentencing in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court in Australia. As announced by the Australian Associated Press, the legal case involves a 32-year-old man with the initials M.P., who used to place wagers on behalf of friends, family and other people who gave him money for a scheme known as “Simply the Bets.”

The person developed a unique algorithm that enabled him to rake winnings out of bets on US national basketball, major-league baseball, as well as horse racing and golf. The 32-year-old operated between August 2018 and January 2023. At that time, he was able to return some AU$2.4 million ($1.58 million) to people involved in the scheme while making an estimated AU$320,000 ($210,200) by taking a share of the winnings.

However, as more people were involved in the scheme, the man started to get impatient and lose faster than he was making money. Chasing losses and trying to settle the piling debt marked the beginning of the young man’s downfall.

The Man’s Defense Asks for ICO Instead of Jail Sentence

During his sentence hearing on Tuesday, the court was told that the man suffered from a gambling disorder. Still, the court heard that the 32-year-old is no longer involved in betting on sports. The man admitted guilt to one count of obtaining financial advantage with the use of a false document and one count of gaining financial advantage through deception.

Magistrate Scott Nash is in charge of the sentencing of the 32-year-old. At the recent hearing, he heard that the bettor was feeling really guilty and remorseful for his actions. John Sutton, the lawyer of the 32-year-old man accused of fraud, asked for an intensive corrections order (ICO) to be imposed instead of a jail sentence.

ICOs can be served in the community and can be granted in cases of non-violent crimes. However, anyone convicted of sexual assault, murder, sexual assault of a child or criminal activities involving firearms or terrorism, cannot be subject to an ICO.

Sutton spoke about his client, saying that he did not demonstrate an extravagant lifestyle or burn money for expensive cars, holidays or shiny jewelry. The lawyer said, “this is not Melissa Caddick,” referring to the infamous Australian woman who disappeared amid an investigation into missing AU$30 million ($19.7 million). Overall, the 32-year-old is accused of taking AU$1.2 million ($788,100) from a total of 18 victims. The man’s sentence is expected to be announced later this week.


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