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DAZN Bet Soft-Launched Beta Product to Gain Insights

Sports betting brand DAZN Bet announced today that it has soft-launched a beta product in the UK market aimed at gathering insight into how DAZN subscribers interact with the brand’s offering.

Commitment to ‘Revitalize Sports Viewing for Fans’

The soft launch of DAZN Bet’s new product is set to bring fresh impulse to the casual betting market by creating a more recreational, sociable and relevant experience for the contemporary sports fan while gathering invaluable information related to the content preferences of subscribers at DAZN Group, the British media parent of the sports betting brand.

Commenting on the announcement, Mark Kemp, chief executive officer of DAZN Bet, hailed this initial launch as “the start of an exciting journey across media and sports betting” that will help the brand deliver on its commitment to “revitalize sports viewing for fans.”

“We are on a mission to create a richer entertainment product that over time is integrated into DAZN’s daily destination sports business, where possible,” added Kemp, labeling the initial market entry as a “learning phase” to the end goal of delivering a “fantastic recreational sports betting product” for the global sports fans community at DAZN.

And while the sports betting brand is seeking to learn how global subscribers at DAZN like to interact with the sports betting and gaming offering, its parent continues to affirm its position as the one-stop shop platform providing everything the global sports fan wants.

Expanding Product Offering, Acquiring New Audiences

With a global reach across more than 200 regulated markets, DAZN’s live and non-live streaming of sporting events and entertainment services provide DAZN Bet with access to the media’s engaged customer base worldwide and gives the sports betting brand an opportunity to gather a deep understanding of sports fan behavior and preferences.

DAZN holds the ambition to further expand its sports content catalog and reinvigorate sports broadcasting by providing global sports fans with the widest selection of sporting events while offering them an interactive sports entertainment experience.

The sports entertainment media is planning to complement its live and on-demand sports broadcasting services with sports podcasts and sports reading content, as well as expand its reach into new markets by providing DAZN subscribers with offers to buy sporting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tickets and merchandise.

“It is a journey, and we begin it now,” Kemp concluded.

DAZN is also continuing its efforts to gain access to new sporting audiences by acquiring new sports media the latest of which was its direct competitor Eleven Sports.

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