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DAOBet Releases Mainnet, Cryptocurrency Wallet

Blockchain gaming company DAOBet has launched its new ecosystem, the DAOBet mainnet, amid rebranding, and releasing the latest version of the DAOWallet.

DAOBet Launches RANDPA-backed Mainnet

DAOBet has launched the DAOBet mainnet, an improved-upon blockchain ecosystem optimized to deliver a one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency users. The gaming blockchain system has been able to deliver outstanding results by reducing latency to 0.1 and boosting transaction speed to 3,000 operations per second.

To ensure the safety of the ecosystem, DAOBet has introduced RANDPA, a cutting-edge algorithm designed to further enhance security, using up to 100 validators before an operation is confirmed.

In light of this milestone, DAOBet has created a new entity, DAOGroup, to combine all available products, including DAOBet, DAOPlatform, DAOWallet and DAOGames. Commenting on the developments, the company said that “As the names suggest, the unification covers a comprehensive online gambling offer.”

DAOGroup now offers multiple platforms, including a tool to conduct lightning-fast transactions as well as a separate software suite dedicated to creation of new gaming products. Further commenting on the rebranding, DAOBet had this to say:

“But the rebranding is not just for the name’s sake. For some, it was associated with online casinos. The ecosystem strives to be bigger than that, to be a perfect platform for all kinds of online and crypto gambling games and, of course, to transcend the ‘just an online casino’s reputation.”

DAOBet has said that it wants to set a high standard for the entire gaming industry and allow everyone to conduct operations the way they are supposed to.

DAOWallet Beta Goes Live  

Amid enhancing the overall stability and safety of its network, DAO has also launched the DAOWallet, which the company hopes to become a unifying cryptocurrency experience. One of the key features of the wallet is the ability to export private keys to other applications, giving users a flexible solution on their hands.

To boost security, DAOWallet will use a two-factor authenticator (2FA) bringing the overall experience up to the level it needs to be, the company specified in the official press release. An addition highlight of the overall experience is the integration of sponsorship transactions.

As a result, members of the DAOBet ecosystem will be able to conduct various operations without having to pay any fees. Any financial charges will be picked up by the ecosystem itself.

Continuing with the improvements, the DAOWallet will also feature a much cleaner user interface that is both intuitive and bug-free. The company also outlined future plans for its cryptocurrency wallet solution:

“Our team is looking to the future with confidence and is already preparing the next release of the DAOWallet, which will include new features, making it possible for users to stack funds in a new chain and will introduce the possibility of voting.”

DAOGroup and its assets remains one of the most promising blockchain gaming projects to date. They are completely changing the iGaming landscape alongside such established players as social gaming platform Bethereum, which also uses blockchain to innovate the sector.  

Update: A previous version of the article said DAOBet had introduced ‘Mainbet’. This was incorrect. The correct term is ‘mainnet’. Sorry.


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