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Dan Bilzerian May Face Alec Gores in a $100 Million Heads-up Poker Game

Besides being a successful social media influencer, Dan Bilzerian is also a pro poker player and a businessman. In his own words, Bilzerian has won millions of dollars playing the game. Now, it looks that he may be looking to significantly increase his fortune in a $100 million heads-up poker game.

Will the $100 Heads-up Poker Game between Bilzerian And Gores Happen Soon?

Earlier this year, Bilzerian’s autobiography dubbed “The Setup” was released. In his book, the poker pro claimed that he participated in many games with the billionaire Alec Gores. Moreover, Bilzerian claimed that those private games took place at Gores’ mansion in Southern California. According to his book, the buy-ins were approximately $400,000. Overall, Bilzerian claimed that he has won more than $40 million while playing against Gores in multiple private games. Gores has rejected those claims.

During a podcast on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel, Bilzerian said Gores contacted him to say that he hasn’t lost $40 or $50 million. What Bilzerian responded was that he won multiple games with millions in payouts which are well above $40 million.

The poker pro also challenged Gores to play for $25 million at Aria in Las Vegas. Then Bilzerian said that Gores responded by saying that he won’t play with him unless it is for $50 million or $100 million. In conclusion, Bilzerian said that he was challenged and he has accepted twice and in the end, they may play a heads-up game for $100 million.

Bilzerian Claims Gores Didn’t Wire the Money

In a recent interview with PokerNews, Bilzerian revealed that he tried to set up the massive heads-up poker battle twice, but Gores didn’t wire the money. Additionally, the poker pro outlined that he has accepted the challenge twice and he is still waiting for Gores to “pony up.”

Last month, Bilzerian said that the game may take place at Aria in Las Vegas. During his recent interview, he said that the game may be played at Aria or on PokerGO. He did acknowledge that he plans to televise the heads-up poker game. Bilzerian revealed that the poker battle may be $50 million for each player but if Gores insists, he can also chip in with $100 million but would need “to sell a little bit.” According to the media outlet, the poker pro already has the funds necessary for the poker game.


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