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Dabble Targets Community Expansion with Moneyball Acquisition

The socially-charged operator hopes that the new acquisition deal will help its community grow substantially

Dabble, the self-proclaimed “betting app of today,” has acquired the mobile sports betting platform Moneyball Australia. The former company, a socially-charged betting specialist, will thus be able to expand its business as it tackles the local market.

Moneyball Has “Some Bittersweet News to Share”

As noted in Moneyball’s announcement, the company, as fans know it, is closing down. However, its team feels very optimistic about the acquisition considering Dabble’s dedication to excellence. Following the agreement, Moneyball will become a part of the bigger company which is famous for offering engaging inclusive and social betting experiences.

The acquisition of Moneyball by Dabble is in line with the latter company’s continued expansion strategy. The financial aspect of the deal was not publicly disclosed. What was disclosed, however, is the fact that Moneyball users will now gain access to Dabble’s products and social network, improving their social betting experience.

Dabble and Moneyball will continue offering an exciting variety of betting offerings, including innovative mechanics and features. This will notably include Dabble’s beloved Activity Feed, Banter Channel and Copy Bet feature. Moneyball players’ accounts will be automatically transferred to Dabble, ensuring a seamless transition.

There Are Inherent Synergies Between the Two Operators

Moneyball used to be one of Australia’s leading daily fantasy sports operators before relaunching as a full-fledged sports wagering site in 2021.

Dabble, on the other hand, was founded in 2020 and quickly grew into one of the biggest sports betting companies in Australia. The company takes inspiration for its offering from the biggest social media platforms in the world, resulting in a platform where bettors and sports enthusiasts can feel a part of a community.

Attesting to the success of this formula, Dabble now has some 150,000 customers who enjoy its socially-charged betting experiences. The social element is particularly appealing to younger bettors, with 80% of the customers aged 18-35.

Dabble’s CEO Is Excited about the Acquisition

As reported by Dabble, its chief executive officer, Tom Rundle, said that his company is excited to grow Dabble. He believes that the uniqueness of the platform’s offering makes it a unique platform in Australia.

The best thing, according to Rundle, is that Moneyball customers are already familiar with community-oriented casino experiences. He is sure that the acquisition will help the Dabble community expand substantially.

With many of Moneyball’s customers already familiar with the community-based element of wagering via their strong daily fantasy sports background, we believe there is a tremendous alignment that will appeal to these customers and make our community stronger.

Tom Rundle, CEO, Dabble

Last year, Dabble leveraged Facebook’s AI chatbots to acquire new customers.


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