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Cyprus Casinos by Melco Receive the Prestigious RG Check Accreditation

The operator of Cyprus Casinos (C2), Melco Cyprus, has announced that C2 gained accreditation by RG Check for responsible gambling. The operator of City of Dreams Mediterranean, the upcoming integrated resort, is the first in Europe to receive this type of endorsement.

Melco Cyprus Checks One Additional Major Achievement

As C2’s operator, Melco Cyprus also scored big with the RG Check accreditation as it became the first and only resort operator in the world to be RG Check recognized in all of its jurisdictions. All four C2 venues – Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol, and Ayia Napa, have received the accreditation.

The CEO and chairman of Melco, Lawrence Ho, stated that the company is dedicated to being the leader in promoting responsible gambling. He also added that providing players with a fair and safe gaming experience remains the core value of Melco, and the implementation of responsible gambling is the top priority of the company in every single jurisdiction.

Ho also thanked RG Check for the massive recognition and the Cyprus colleagues for making that happen.

Shelley White, Responsible Gambling Council’s CEO, stated that RGC is extremely pleased that that Melco has demonstrated its “commitment to responsible gambling” by achieving the accreditation for every single one of its C2 properties.

White added that Melco showed massive transparency and alluded to the fact that the company was the best in the Standard Areas of RG Policy, Strategy, and Culture. Moreover, the RG Check is a very important tool for risk management, and it helps increase the effectiveness of RG programming.

White ended by saying that RGC is thrilled to provide Melco with continuous support in its efforts to minimize harm in the company’s properties around the world.

The RG Check is The Highest Honor That An Operator Can Receive

RG Check lasts for three years and is considered the world’s most prestigious accreditation program. An independent panel of gaming specialists reviews it, and it’s designed to either meet or exceed the regulatory requirements concerning responsible gambling.

That is why Melco was thrilled to receive the accreditation and become the world’s first to have it in all jurisdictions. As it stands currently, the company will close off 2021 in a strong fashion. Back in July, it launched a SPAC-based IPO in the US and noted that its main target is the New York Stock Exchange. Even though there wasn’t a specific target for the SPAC, Ho didn’t consider that a problem.

Not only that, but Melco is also looking to expand in Japan as it is among the final three to be considered by Yokohama to open integrated resorts there, and recently, Yokohama unveiled the IR concepts for the company.

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