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Culinary Union Vows to Protect Worker Rights in the Event of Tropicana’s Closure

As plans for a new Las Vegas stadium threaten a temporary closure of the iconic venue, the union has stepped in to negotiate on behalf of the staff

The upcoming Oakland Athletic baseball stadium may force the Tropicana to close its doors for up to two years, threatening the livelihoods of its staff. Faced with this looming issue, the Culinary Union stood firmly on the side of the workers, pledging to protect their rights and support them in the event of a closure. While the ballpark project is still in its infancy, the union’s clear message should help alleviate the concerns of Tropicana employees.

The Ballpark Project Can Have Substantial Repercussions

Oakland Athletics’ recent announcement of a $1.5 billion Las Vegas stadium project reverberated across the industry, drawing mixed responses. Such a high-profile endeavor should significantly bolster tourism, drawing in sports fans and benefiting all surrounding properties. However, the planned stadium’s proximity to the iconic casino hotel means the Tropicana may temporarily need to close during construction.

A FAQ document by project partner Bally’s Corporation revealed that the Tropicana could cease operations between 18 to 24 months. The company issued an update soon after, clarifying it would keep the property open for as long as possible. However, a temporary closure will likely still be necessary, endangering the livelihoods of the venue’s approximately 120 employees.

Employee Rights Seem in Safe Hands

While Bally’s reiterated its commitment to supporting its employees, the Culinary Union also immediately stepped up, vowing to protect workers in the event of a closure. The union, representing thousands of hospitality workers in the region, has long been a staunch advocate for labor rights and fair treatment within the industry.

Such a pledge is a proactive measure to protect employees’ livelihoods and rights during any potential Tropicana downtime. Any laid-off workers should receive free job training, retain their benefits, and have guaranteed rehiring opportunities once the property reopens. Culinary Union secretary-treasurer Ted Pappageorge reiterated the organization’s commitment to negotiate a fair agreement with the venue.

Culinary Union members at the Tropicana Casino have a strong union contract, which means that Tropicana workers are protected.

Ted Pappageorge, Culinary Union secretary-treasurer

The Tropicana Las Vegas has been integral to the city’s vibrant hospitality landscape for decades. While the potential closure may cause substantial short-term disruptions, the Culinary Union’s efforts will ensure that employee rights will receive adequate protection. If the stadium project is successful, the long-term benefits should significantly outweigh the few months of closure.

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