March 29, 2022 2 min read


Crypto Casino FoggyStar Raised $5M New Investment

A new crypto casino project received substantial financial support from Canadian and Japanese investors to further its brand development and fund the design of its own token aimed to facilitate the creation of innovative iGaming products.

Crypto Casino Is the Future of iGaming

FoggyStar, a crypto casino project operating out of Cyprus which launched at the beginning of the year, announced today Canadian and Japanese investors brought in $5 million in new investment to support the company’s plans in the crypto casino space, as well as fund the design of its own token.

Since its launch, FoggyStar has attracted interest from some of the industry-leading game developers, including NetEnt, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play and others, which already supplied the crypto casino’s alpha product version with a large library of crypto games. The casino is also looking to entice the crypto community with a specially designed bonus program.

The team at FoggyStar is adamant that they “strive to create not just a product, but to follow industry trends” with the interest of the brand’s target audience taking central stage, stressing the “security and transparency of the infrastructure.”

“Our team aims to improve the project using innovative technologies and methods that will lead to a completely new game experience,” read a statement from the FoggyStar team.

Utilizing blockchain technology at its core, the crypto casino is seeking to come up with additional features for casinos, while providing for all future product components to work as openly as possible and be easily integrated.

The company is expecting to significantly scale the audience and boost the level of user engagement and trust in the online casino gaming industry with the implementation of blockchain and the transparency the technology brings for the entire gameplay and algorithms by displaying all player and casino actions in a public ledger.

Metaverse Impact and Casino Presence

Among other ambitious goals, FoggyStar sets for itself is to become one of the first to create an iGaming casino in the metaverse, expecting the metaverse to become “a human co-experience utility” with a range of an impact on everyday life spanning from leisure and entertainment to education.

The FoggyStar crypto casino project is believed to be capable of significantly changing the idea of how an online casino will operate in the future, stirring further evolution in technology, simplifying processes and increasing user engagement.

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