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Crown Melbourne to Host A Training Program for 1,000 Hospitality Workers

Australia-based casino and resort Crown Melbourne will be putting efforts in refilling the human resources in Victoria’s hospitality industry. The resort will solve the manpower shortage by training as many as 1,000 new hospitality workers.

Crown Melbourne’s Training Program

This move is set to jumpstart the local industry once again as it has suffered a lot because of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. To this end, Crown Melbourne will offer its local learning center as training grounds for the candidates. However, Crow Melbourne will not be alone in this endeavor as two powerful partners have decided to support the initiative. Those are the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Australian Hotels Association (Victoria).

The training initiative not only aims to refill the much-needed human resources but to also have the trainees become skilled and valuable workers who can easily find a respectable job within the industry. Crown Melbourne and its partners will make it even more worthwhile to the candidates as the 1,000 ones who get approved for the program will not only receive free training but will actually be paid while learning.

Solving the Local Shortage of Human Resources

Crown Melbourne’s current goal is to have all trainees ready for work by July 2022. All of the 1,000 workers will then be recommended to hospitality companies and businesses that are in need of professional manpower.

Crown Melbourne elaborated on what the training program will be about. According to the casino and resort company, all of the important aspects of hospitality will be included in the initiative. That will include fundamental knowledge on food and beverage, cocktail making, crockery and cutlery, handling and polishing, order taking, customer service, and service sequencing.

The executive general manager – food and beverage at Crown Resorts, Enda Cunningham, spoke on the training initiative. He explained that the COVID pandemic has hit hospitality incredibly hard.

This was proven by Melbourne’s recent record from early October. The Australian city officially beat Buenos Aires and became the most locked-down city in the whole world, with over 250 days of quarantine.

 “The skill standard right across our industry ultimately benefits us all, and with the scale that we have at Crown and our training facilities – we are proud to be able to contribute and help the industry get back on track by skilling up a thousand workers.”

Crown Resorts, Enda Cunningham

Melbourne citizens are expected to experience some relief from the restrictions in the next few days. This is thanks to the high vaccination rates throughout the whole of Victoria.


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