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Criminal Cases Raise Concerns of Public Safety in Atlantic City

Despite the city's network of more than 3,000 cameras, culprits continue to commit crimes

Across the United States, casino resorts invest in security solutions. Ensuring the safety of their visitors is a priority for the casinos that pour millions into CCTV, in-person security and even AI-powered solutions. While casino operators ramp up their security, gambling hubs such as Atlantic City need extra efforts to ensure guests and residents of the city are safe.

Annually, some 27 million people visit Atlantic City. The city’s Boardwalk helps connect hotels, casinos, restaurants and other amenities, making it the backbone of the resort city. Across the city, currently, there are some 3,000 security cameras that help boost public safety and, in some cases, even solve different crimes.

While many streets are under the watchful eye of cameras, this doesn’t stop some criminals. As announced by the Press of Atlantic City, two violent crimes on Monday have taken the lives of two people, regardless of the cameras in the nearby areas.

Data from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, reveals that a bleeding man was found near the beach on Monday morning after police responded to a 911 call. He later passed away. On the same day and minutes later from the first call, police responded to another incident, uncovering the lifeless body of a 22-year-old male who suffered multiple stab wounds. Upon arrival of the police, the man was pronounced dead. This incident happened near the city’s Boardwalk, despite the hundreds of cameras installed nearby.

More CCTV to Combat Crimes, Boost Public Safety

No data suggests that the two cases are related. Police are yet to make arrests for each crime and it remains unclear whether or not there are suspects. The aforementioned cases have once again reignited the talks about public safety and the installation of more cameras around the casino resort destination.

James A. Sarkos, the Chief of the Atlantic City Police Department, spoke about the importance of public safety across the city. He deemed the cameras “a force multiplier,” and showed support for the installation of some 1,000 new digital cameras in addition to the existing 3,000 that are already watching over the city. Sarkos said: “It’s a huge investment in public safety, and it’s going to make Atlantic City safer for everybody.”

Ultimately, by expanding their surveillance capabilities, police authorities anticipate solving crimes faster as recorded data can help identify culprits easier than witness testimonies. Additionally, increasing the number of cameras can serve as a deterrent.


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    Like anything else it takes time which most people don’t take the time to understand its like the road diet let it play out if it don’t work out then its easier to go back and have a safe highway then to keep things as they are

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