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Court Rules that VictoryLand Can No Longer Offer Electronic Bingo Machines

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall slammed the electronic bingo machines as a blatant violation of the gambling law

The VictoryLand Casino in Shorter, Alabama, will no longer be able to offer electronic bingo machines to its customers. This decision was made by a Macon Country judge, who ruled that the terminals violate local laws.

This Monday, at the conclusion of the court case, Macon County Circuit Court Judge Steven Perryman ruled that VictoryLand Casino will no longer be able to offer electronic bingo machines on its premises. In addition, the casino is prohibited from profiting from such machines in any way. Finally, the judge said that VictoryLand Casino is barred from transferring the bingo terminals to any other facility in Macon Country.

This court ruling comes nine months after the Alabama Supreme Court outlawed the electronic bingo machines. Judge Perryman concluded that the injunction will only be lifted if Alabama ever decides to legalize electronic bingo.

Steve Marshall Is Pleased with the Decision

The current lawsuit was initiated by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who understood that the casino had continued to offer electronic bingo machines even after they were outlawed in the state. An avid opponent of illegal gambling, Marshall did everything he could to get the illegal machines removed.

Yesterday, Marshall issued a statement on the matter, slamming electronic bingo machines as a “blatant violation of state law.” He pointed out that this has been reaffirmed by the Alabama Supreme Court time and time again.

Similar to the facilities in Morgan, Houston and Lowndes Counties, the Macon County facilities are permanently prohibited from using electronic bingo machines moving forward.

Steve Marshall, Alabama Attorney General

The War on E-Bingo May Be Over

Electronic bingo machines are terminals that, according to some people, are too similar to slot machines. The terminals are therefore prohibited in Alabama, along with many other gambling products.

Alabama currently allows pari-mutuel betting on horse racing and dog racing in four counties, namely Greene, Jefferson, Macon and Mobile. Traditional bingo was also legalized in Macon in 2003 after voters approved an amendment to the Alabama Constitution.

However, the state still prohibits electronic bingo forms, which it considers to be too similar to slot gaming. Last year, the highest state court said that electronic bingo machines constitute, beyond any doubt, illegal gambling.

Back in January, Dr Lewis Benefield, VictoryLand Casino’s president, announced major layoffs, dismissing hundreds of employees. Back then, the casino began transitioning to horse racing machines, hoping that they will carry the same weight as the electronic bingo terminals.

The recent decision to completely ban VictoryLand from offering electronic bingo concludes a long saga that lasted several years.


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