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Counterfeiter Flees Australian Justice after Using Fake Chips

While casino staff vigilance helped detect the fake chips, the perpetrator successfully avoided authorities and left the country

A Chinese national made a daring escape from Sydney’s The Star casino after attempting to use $34,000 worth of counterfeit casino chips, according to police reports. The perpetrator was reportedly testing the waters in preparation for a more ambitious defrauding attempt. This incident matches other recent counterfeit chip sightings in high-profile establishments, hinting at the potential involvement of organized crime.

The Suspect Had a Thorough Plan

According to a recent Daily Telegraph report, the alleged perpetrator, clad in a black outfit and white sneakers, approached the cashier’s counter at The Star Sydney to exchange $10,000 worth of fake chips. Alerted by staff suspicions, the man swiftly bolted from the premises, captured on CCTV dodging security guards before disappearing into the night.

Investigators revealed that within ten minutes of fleeing the casino, the suspect checked out of his hotel at The Oaks Sydney Goldsbrough Suites, changed his attire, and promptly departed for China on an 8 a.m. flight, effectively evading arrest. Authorities recovered $34,000 in high-grade counterfeit chips, with $10,000 left at the cashier’s counter and $24,000 at gaming tables.

They were exceptionally high-grade counterfeits. Star reported the discovery within minutes of being aware of them and have been of great assistance to our investigation.

Detective Superintendent Peter Faux

Police disclosed that the individual had arrived in Sydney for a brief trip in January, immediately visiting The Star and signing up for a membership. Authorities believe he used the opportunity to take a chip, which he then used to produce the fakes. The casino has provided authorities with all relevant information, aiding the investigation.

Counterfeit Chips Are a Rising Industry Concern

While investigators believe the individual acted alone, this case closely mirrors a similar occurrence in Macau. January saw eight suspects arrested in the territory after defrauding a Cotai City casino of $200,000 using counterfeit chips. This case heralds back to an earlier crackdown against organized crime, revealing that chip forgery attempts were common among such groups.

Such cases are becoming a pressing concern for casinos as experienced counterfeiters can produce shockingly realistic fake chips that are very difficult to differentiate from real ones. While authorities found no concrete evidence linking the suspect from The Star to organized crime, the quality of the counterfeits points to previous experience in that field.

With the suspect utilizing his real name and genuine passport, police are now collaborating with Interpol and Chinese authorities to track him down. The Star Sydney and law enforcement have declined to disclose specific security protocols to detect fake chips. However, the incident should provide valuable data, enhancing efforts to safeguard against such attempts in the future.

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