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Could Betting on Politics Be Coming to More States?

Politics and politicians are often very divisive topics in so many ways. While lots of people love to be part of these conversations, there is a significant chunk of people who would simply prefer to stay on the sidelines. Either way, politics is becoming harder to ignore than ever before thanks to the constant waves of input that are received about it all from the media and even during discussions.

In fact, politics draws so much public attention and media campaigns that it is now comparable to international sporting events. Well, this is totally justifiable considering all the things that rely on the political atmosphere of any given jurisdiction.

Now, like any other competitive event, people have found ways of capitalizing on politics by placing bets on various related aspects. Even though some people will always find a way to be on anything, there are others who take political betting very seriously. For this kind of people, betting is a way of showing total faith in politicians and even their political parties.

The number of political bettors continues to grow as more people learn about the existence of betting platforms offering related odds. At the same time, more gambling platforms are starting to capitalize on the idea.

The Concerns

In the United States, placing bets on politics is still not quite there yet. There are a few states such as Iowa where the residents may be able to gamble on various political outcomes but the majority of states do not allow it. Naturally, there is a very good reason for this.

Perhaps the greatest disparity between other types of betting and betting on politics is the fact that the betting rules for the former are often rigidly defined. In sports betting, for instance, such things as player and team statistics are also known and these have an influence on the betting lines. Still, thanks to integrity rules and regulations, sports betting is quite tightly neat especially because it has had decades to evolve.

That said, the biggest concern when it comes to betting on politics is the possibility of the elections being influenced by external forces. In most part, this has prevented the development of any meaningful sports betting legislation in the United States.

Even so, the lack of legal and regulated political betting options in the United States does not mean that the activity is totally non-existent. Gambling operators in other jurisdictions bet on such things as royal baby names, Brexit, and even the US elections.

Perhaps it is about time that some of the states should look into bringing back the revenue that goes to offshore sites when gamblers bet on US-related political events and politicians. Obviously, a fight will ensue but the importance of the potential benefits may make that totally worth it.


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