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Connecticut Lawmakers Propose a Gambling Expansion Bill

Lawmakers in Connecticut submitted a bill proposing gambling expansion in the state. The bill arrives only a week after Governor Ned Lamont revealed that he is liaising with tribal partners and neighboring states on a potential gambling expansion and legalization of marijuana in the Constitution State.

Connecticut Legislature Propose a Gambling Expansion Bill

Shortly after Governor Ned Lamont showed support for a potential gambling expansion in Connecticut, the state’s legislature has put forward a bill. Senate Bill 146 is proposing the legalization of betting and igaming in the state and received support from 17 legislators. The bill proposing the gambling expansion is also known as an “Act Authorizing Sports Wagering, Internet Gaming, Internet Lottery And Internet Keno”.

The lawmakers in Connecticut have already forwarded the bill to the Committee on Public Safety and Security. If accepted, the bill would legalize sports betting offering both online and retail by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut. For the moment, those are the two Native American tribes that are allowed to offer legal gambling in Connecticut.

To authorize sports wagering, internet gaming, internet lottery and internet keno in this state,

Reads the bill’s Statement of Purpose

Furthermore, Senate Bill 146 proposes Connecticut Lottery Corporation to sell lottery draw game tickets and organize online keno games. It is important to mention that the legalization of sports betting and online gambling, as well as the selling of draw game tickets and online keno games, are subject to “new or amended agreements” with the Native American tribes.

Gambling Expansion Will Help the State with Fresh Tax Revenue

If Senate Bill 146 is accepted “reasonable procedures and data security standards” for Internet gaming need to be established. Last but not least, if sports betting and online gambling activities are legalized in Connecticut, they need to provide the state with revenue in the form of tax.

Last week, Governor Lamont released its State of the State Address, outlining that he is working with neighboring states and tribal partnerson a path forward to modernize gaming” and legalizing marijuana in the Constitution State. Back then, the Governor acknowledged that sports betting, online gambling, and legalized marijuana is already happening in neighboring states.

Furthermore, he stressed that those opportunities must not be surrendered “to out-of-state markets or even worse, underground markets“. If those activities are legalized in Connecticut, the state would undoubtedly benefit by filling some budget holes created by the pandemic.


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