July 26, 2022 2 min read

Comtrade Gaming to Deliver iCore to Stanleybet Romania

Technology supplier and developer Comtrade Gaming has revealed a new partnership with Stanleybet Romania which will receive the former’s dedicated iGaming Platform, iCore. Comtrade will install a tailored version of iCore on Stanleybet Romania to help the operator steer its product offering with simplicity and added value to consumers and the business.

Stanleybet Romania Commences Platform Migration

Commenting on this partnership, Comtrade Gaming CCO Steven Valentine welcomed the opportunity to be launching iCore with Stanleybet Romania. He praised the company’s large retail footprint and argued that Comtrade would be excited to help Stanleybet also expand in the digital space:

Using our platform will give them access to the best tools, such as real-time bonusing, dynamic segmentation, real-time push messaging, and many more player engagement tools.

Comtrade Gaming CCO Steven Valentine

Valentine explained that making a switch to platforms is often associated with a lot of anxiety and worry on the part of businesses. That is why Comtrade Gaming does its best to make the process seamless. He argued that on “many occasions,” Comtrade has remained the best choice for Tier 1 platform migrations.

All mid-size operators tend to find the iCore platform far more accessible. One of the strengths of Comtrade is that it offers great in-depth customization of the product and offer, which is not always available to mid-tier operators. However, the company has made sure to create a solution that sets it apart and offers businesses such as Stanleybet Romania the opportunity to elevate their offering and take on rivals.

Tailored Offer Set to Guide Business in Future

Meanwhile, Stanleybet Romania CEO Csaba Tanko said that the company was thrilled to see Comtrade deploy its distinct platform to help the business. Tanko added that Stanleybet Romania expects Comtrade to guide its business into the future and provide players with the best customer experience.

“We are more confident knowing they are taking care of our backend technology specific to our needs. This way, we will be able to focus more efficiently on marketing and increasing our market penetration,” he concluded.

Disclaimer: N.B. Stanleybet Romania is owned by Equilor Holding Limited and is not part of the Stanleybet Group. It operates the Stanleybet brand in Romania under license from the Stanleybet Group.


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