ComeOn Group Unveils New API, Onboards Apparat

Leading iGaming company ComeOn Group unveiled a new proprietary casino API. The new API will be pioneered by Apparat Gaming, a German slots developer.

Apparat Is the First Studio to Be Integrated Using the New API

As per the agreement between ComeOn Group and Apparat Gaming, the slots studio will see its content integrated into ComeOn Group’s offer. The latter’s API will allow the developer’s content to be seamlessly implemented into all of ComeOn’s brands.

ComeOn’s strategy is to use this new solution to provide customers with games from all of its studio partners. It plans to use its in-house integration technology to quickly boost its brands and engage customers across various markets with many new games.  

Right now, ComeOn Group used the API to integrate Apparat Gaming’s titles into its Germany-facing brands. The company plans to use the new API to expand into other regions as well.

ComeOn Is Glad to Have Apparat as The First Onboarded Studio

ComeOn Group is thrilled to launch the new integration solution and to have Apparat Gaming as the first onboarded studio. According to the group, the casino solution attests to the company’s commitment to supreme quality.

Cristiano Blanco, ComeOn’s chief product officer welcomed the slots developer and said that he is pleased to add its exciting portfolio of games to all of ComeOn’s jurisdictions and brands. Speaking about the effectiveness of the new API, Blanco noted that the integration of Apparat Gaming’s content was completed within a few weeks. This, according to the CPO, attests to the technical integration power of ComeOn Group and Apparat Gaming’s experience.

Apparat Gaming’s co-founder, Martin Findt, shared that his team feels honored to see Apparat as the first slots provider integrated into ComeOn’s through the new API. He also shared that he is happy to work with ComeOn Group and is looking forward to a great partnership with the company. Finally, Findt concluded that he is excited to showcase Apparat Gaming’s upcoming titles and have them integrated into ComeOn Group’s gaming brands.

Apparat Is an Ambitious German Developer

Apparat Gaming is a slots developer whose ambition is to make distinctly German titles. As such, it aims to have a significant presence in Germany, the market where it thrives. The agreement with ComeOn Group will allow Apparat’s content to quickly reach more people and boost its brand awareness.

A week ago, Gambling News interviewed Apparat Gaming’s co-founder and director, Alina Dandorfer, who told us more about the company and its strategy. Dandorfer said that the gaming market remains as competitive as ever but that isn’t going to stop Apparat’s seasoned team from innovating and introducing exciting new titles.

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