December 8, 2021 3 min read

Columbian Midfielder Gets Death Treats for Alleged Match-Fixing

Llaneros’ defensive midfielder Jorge Duvan Mosquera has recently declared that he fears for his own life and safety after he and his teammates were sent death threats online. The 23-year-old soccer player used Twitter to convey a message to Colombian President Ivan Duque. The players mentioned the intimidating messages the club has received since losing a game against Union Magdalena over the weekend.

Match-Fixing Accusations Lead to Major Division Investigation

The lost game attracted more than disappointment and death threats from Llaneros fans. The second-tier team is currently being investigated by the Colombian Soccer Major Division over alleged match-fixing accusations after losing 2-1 at home to Union Magdalena.

The investigation was initiated just two days after the game result secured Union Magdalena’s promotion to the First Division. Union scored twice in stoppage time. The two winning goals came after Union Magdalena was falling behind at a score of 1-0 until the 95th-minute mark, and all odds were against the team winning.

The video of the goals that locked their promotion into the Dimayor league that has recently expanded its partnership with Genius Sports sparked a lot of debate about whether the game was genuine or fixed. The images allegedly showed some of the Llaneros players backing off the opponent team, enabling them to score.

Dimayor’s President Fernando Jaramillo announced an inquiry was underway, “despite the evident facts that all Colombians and the entire world have seen.” He further stated that the top-tier first division planned to respect all legal procedures and act according to the Colombian and FIFA statutes. Llaneros received the news of the investigation with open arms and said it would undergo its inquiry into the matter.

Law enforcement has been solicited to get involved and start their inquiry into the “national embarrassment,” as President Duque referred to the happenings.

Mosquera and Union Magdalena Denied the Accusations

Mosquera denied all the match-fixing and corruption accusations brought against his club. However, he stated he and his teammates were afraid for their well-being and too scared to go out in public, in fear something might happen to them. He also asked for a call of prudence on behalf of President Duque.

Union Magdalena issued an official club statement this Tuesday. They responded to the claims and suspicions that their promotion was obtained through acts of corruption and match-fixing, denying all of them.

Unfortunately, Columbian soccer clubs regularly fall victim to death threats and threats of violence on behalf of angry fans. One famous example is that of Colombian defender Andres Escobar who was shot and killed after scoring their own goal during the World Cup finals in 1994. The 1989 Colombian championship was suspended after the Medellin drug cartel ordered the murder of a referee.

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