September 26, 2022 3 min read


Colts Gets the “Pick Six” Predictor App Rolling to Boost Fan Engagement

The Indianapolis Colts have announced the launch of their free-to-play “Pick Six” predictor game which is presented by Caesars Sportsbook. The new game is available to sports fans in the United States and is part of the NFL team’s official mobile app. The game is developed in collaboration with Genius Sports, and it provides Colts fans with access to an excellent way to be part of the action even if they are not necessarily looking to bet real money.

Colts Get “Pick Six” Game to Engage with Fans

“Pick Six” will be no doubt a great way to supplement the anticipation for the Colts’ upcoming games and keep fans involved and on their toes through a series of questions that they will be asked as they try to predict various outcomes of each game. The questions are designed to offer a truly fulfilling experience and appeal to true NFL fans with the queries feeding into a leaderboard that allows fans to win prizes in the end. The more answers you get correct, the better your score throughout the season will be.

Players will have the opportunity to prove themselves as the most loyal Colts fans while enjoying an immersive and risk-free experience. The app was welcomed by Colts sales & marketing officer Roger VanDerSnick who was pleased with the application and what it signifies for fans and the team.

Our ‘Pick Six’ game is a compelling element to engage with fans in a fun and unique ways. The team at Genius Sports has provided us with an enhanced game that further integrates our partner, Caesars Sportsbook, while giving fans an interactive experience that tests their Colts knowledge throughout the season.

Colts sales & marketing officer Roger VanDerSnick

Genius Feels Strongly about the Future of Sports, Media, and Betting

Genius Sports is definitely the right partner for this free-to-play initiative as the company is also the exclusive play-by-play and real-time statistic partner for the NFL. Besides, Genius Sports has had great success in developing similar solutions for a number of other big leagues, including the NBA, MLB, and FIFA. Genius Sports media & engagement managing director Josh Linforth welcomed this partnership opportunity as well.

He said that building solutions that will help the Colts and Caesars Sportsbook is an excellent opportunity to showcase what Linforth describes as the convergence of sports, betting, and media. Genius Sports plays a crucial role in that, Linforth said and added that the company was thrilled to be helping its new partners reach out to fans and engage with them.


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