Codere Joins Initiative to Raise Awareness of Gender Violence

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international charities that work towards ending violence against women. Coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Spain-based gaming company announced it is joining the Red Bench campaign at all of its offices.

Codere Joins Red Bench

Codere, which recently completed a massive change in ownership, has chosen the slogan “violence is not love” to launch its CSR initiative. It promotes direct initiatives against gender violence and raises awareness about the problem.

Alvaro de Ansorena, Codere’s corporate director of people at Codere, stated, “At Codere, we are firmly committed to defending a culture of diversity and equality among our employees. Not surprisingly, our company is made up of a very diverse staff, made up of people of more than 43 different nationalities. This diversity is part of the company’s values.”

“Similarly, 40% of our 11,000 employees are female, so it’s important for us to support actions that promote equality, diversity, and respect,” he added.

A Global Initiative

Codere will encourage different actions to stop domestic abuse in its offices and rooms in seven countries, including Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. This is to increase awareness about the issue, which affects nearly 236 million women worldwide, according to the World Health Agency.

The company will place a red bench in all rooms and offices as a symbol. This will allow for reflection, memory and reporting on sexist violence. It will also promote equality, integration, and respect.

Codere says that the inspiration for its campaign comes from the famous red bench painted by Tina Magenta in Italy, as a tribute to the first protest against femicide. In the symbolic display red shoes by Elina Chauvet of Mexico, in honor of domestic abuse victims.

Jorge Barreras is Codere’s CSR head. He stated that the company’s new corporate responsibility framework allows it to channel and bring this problem closer to clients and collaborators. He added that the company is “committed to the environments in which it develops their activity, and respect for gender equality and diversity.”

Codere recently launched an equality, diversity and inclusion policy. It also includes a protocol to address, prevent and eliminate workplace violence. Initiatives that promote equality within the company and endorse the group’s commitment to responsible workforce oversight and inclusion.

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