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CNMI to Vote on Imperial Pacific’s Saipan Casino License in March

The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) will hold hearings next month. During these gatherings, a decision on whether to revoke the exclusive casino license held by Imperial Pacific International (IPI) for Saipan will be made. However, a public threat made by IPI officials this week could influence that decision.

CNMI Ready to Act on IPI

After years of dealing with IPI’s negligence, Andrew Yeom, CCC Executive Director, revealed the plan to discuss the casino operator’s future. IPI has not fulfilled five of the enforcement actions it was given last year.

Yeom stated that they would set hearing dates and that they were thinking of the end March. However, he noted that specific dates have yet to be determined. “We are consolidating the five enforcement actions and will seek the revocation of IPI’s license,” he asserted to local media.

Yeom was the original complainant against IPI for not complying with certain requirements in its license agreement. These five complaints were specifically about IPI’s failures to pay its annual $15.5-million license fee in August 2020, its annual $3.1-million regulatory fee in October 2020, its failure to contribute $20 million to the community benefit fund both in 2018 and 2019 and its failures to meet its minimum $2-billion capital requirement.

IPI’s had its license suspended in May of last year. The company given six month to pay the $15.5-million casino license fee and $3.1-million regulatory fee. There was also a $6.6-million fine tacked on.

A “Day of Reckoning” for CNMI Officials

Because IPI has failed to comply with the request, Yeom wants to suspend IPI’s license for good. However, Ray Yumul, CEO of IPI, has threatened to disclose past deals with local officials in case such a scenario occurs.

According to the Guam Daily Post, Yumul asserts a “day of reckoning” is coming in March. He made his comments to the CCC last week.

Yumul said that he is ready to share the details of what transpired between IPI officials and some commonwealth officials over the years. He added that he will demand the CCC investigate the political influence exerted on IPI by some local politicians in order to coerce them to enter beneficial agreements, land leases and contributions.

Yumul stated, “A day in March is a day of reckoning for IPI.” He didn’t elaborate on the threat, but, given the company’s track record, it could be just a ruse. Yumul might be looking for a way to scare authorities into not moving against the company.


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