Club One Casino May Face Delay with Reopening at Its New Site

Shut for 17 months, Club One Casino plans to reopen doors at a new location in Granite Park. Reportedly, the reopening may be delayed since the venue encountered a small hiccup with the local Council.

Club One Casino Plans to Reopen in Granite Park

Club One Casino has been operating in Fresno, California for 25 years. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the venue was forced to shut its doors for visitors. Although it was allowed to reopen briefly, the venue was then forced to close again, and it has been so for 17 months now.

Although the closure brought difficulties for the venue, the owner, Kyle Kirkland, has been planning for quite some time what the best way to return to business would be, once the pandemic goes away. His plan includes the relocation of the venue to an area, formerly used as a nightclub in Granite Park.

With this move, Kirkland hopes to give a good start to his business once he is allowed to reopen. The reopening of Club One Casino will result in the return of its employees to work. Besides bringing back employees to work, Club One Casino is also expected to raise approximately $100,000 in tax revenue for the city monthly, which makes more than $1 million annually.

Reopening of the Venue May Be Delayed

Earlier this month, Club One Casino’s owner met with the local Council to receive approval for the move. However, as it turns out, the reopening of the venue may be delayed by a month, at least. According to ABC 30, after a Thursday meeting between Fresno City Council and Club One’s owner and employees, the reopening of the venue encountered a small hiccup.

One of the prime reasons for the possible delay is related to community outreach with the neighbors around Granite Park, Councilmember Tyler Maxwell revealed. He outlined that he has been receiving calls from concerned residents who have said that they have not heard about a casino “going up across the street.” Another concern which was raised regarding the new location of the venue is that there are schools that are nearby. Thus, the Council decided to postpone the vote for the approval of the new site until August 19, when the next meeting is scheduled.

As the owner of Club One Casino, Kirkland revealed that he has contacted nearby businesses. However, residents in the area have not been approached one by one at the moment. Addressing the concerns about the schools located near the new property location, Kirkland stressed that the venue has been operating responsibly for 25 years and it is completely aware of how to “keep minors out” of the property.

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