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Clash Royale Season 14 Arrives, Balance Changes Come on August 4

Clash Royale Season 14 is already upon us, but we will need to wait a few more hours before Supercell releases the balance changes accompanying the patch.

Clash Royale Season 14 Arrives, Balance Changes Rolling Out Soon!

The Clash Royale Season 14 patch is still pending, expected to arrive in the wee hours of August 4. While the Clash Royale Season 14 went live today, the Clash Royale Season 14 patch is taking its time.

The new patch will feature several balance changes, and has been one of the most anticipated alterations to the game in recent time, not least because of the ambitious scaling of the competitive environment.

In any event, the recent patch is planning to introduce changes to the Bowler, changes to the spells against towers damage decreases as well as the Royal Recruits. The patch will also apply to Royal Delivery and a few other aspects of the game.

What Will Clash Royale Season 14 Change?

By and large, the biggest change to the current make-up is the change in the damage-dealing spells against towers, which Supercell has introduced to try and alter the balance a wee bit in favor of strategy over pure, unbridled spell power.

There is a 5% decrease from spells against tower on average, bringing the new average on 30%. Several spells have been affected by the damage-adjustment, and specifically:

  • Arrows
  • Giant Snowball
  • Fireball
  • Freeze
  • Lightning
  • Poison
  • Rocket
  • The Log
  • Zap

A 5% may not seem like too much at first blush, but it offers sufficient game-impacting leeway to force players into reassessing every strategic decision they make. Commenting on what motivated the team to enact these changes, Supercell had this to say:

“Spells have been the most popular and effective cards in the game since time immemorial. While we think it’s cool for spells to have really healthy use rates, they provide a bit too much value if used to destroy a Troop next to the opponent’s tower.”

-Supercell official statement about Clash Royale Season 14

Supercell believes that this is the right way forward to help break away from the so-called Spell Cycle strategies that often lead to boring and drab gameplay.

More Changes Coming to the Balance

Several other changes have been enacted to adjust the balance in Clash Royale Season 14 and create a legacy.


  • Hit speed 1.1 seconds > 1.3 seconds

The Log

  • Projectile Range – 9%

Royal Delivery

  • Knockback removed

Royal Recruits

  • Damage increased by 8%

All of these changes are exciting, especially against the backdrop of the Clan Wars 2 update, which is Supercell’s latest way to optimize another flagship title, giving it a more competitive edge.


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