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Circa Sports Announces $14M for Its Iconic Football Contests

The Las Vegas sportsbook has revealed a combined grand prize of $14 million for its Circa Million and Circa Survivor football contests

This makes it one of the biggest amount of money that the company confirmed it will be distributing across its signature NFL contests that have been garnering significant interest and support from sports fans. The upcoming editions of both the Circa Million and Circa Survivor are the events’ fifth time they are running.

The prize money is split between Circa Survivor which will offer $8 million and Circa Million which will offer another $6 million. In 2022, the events paid out $12 million. Last year’s Survivor prize pool actually ended up a bit better owing to surging interest and more people getting involved. The event saw 6,133 people join the Survivor contest.

Another 4,700 ended up playing at Circa Million. Both events allow for people to enter multiple times, up to five for Circa Million and up to 10 for Circa Survivor. Outlining the latest edition in a statement on Thursday, Circa Sports offered details about each of the two events.

Players will have to select professional football picks and do so against the spread, each week through the Circa Sports Nevada mobile app or in person at the physical sportsbook in the Silver State. These are the rules for Circa Million.

Circa Sports Offers Delightful Prizes to Sports Fans

A total of $3.65 million will be divvied up between places two through 100, at a rate of $300,000 worth of prizes every four weeks. The first-place prize would be a staggering $1 million. Then, there are the second-to-last and last-place booby prizes which stand at $50,000 and $100,000 respectively.

There is also the Circa Survivor contest which will have players select a direct NFL winner – not against the spread. Fans will only be able to select a team once over the course of the season. The contest will run for 20 weeks – as opposed to the 17-week standard NFL season. This discrepancy comes from the fact that the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Day slates will be counted as their own weeks, bringing the grand total to 20.

Entries will be removed from the contest providing that a team that has been selected loses, or even ties a game. If there is one entry remaining after 20 legs, the prize pool will be split among all successful bids that have been placed during the leg, Circa Sports explained. The full-season cash prizes will be awarded to the top 100 participants.

Football contests such as these have been very successful and they are used by sportsbooks all over the United States. Gamification has become a significant part of helping sports betting companies boost awareness for their product, brand, and available betting options.


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