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Chinese Official Hits Back at DoJ Case against Steve Wynn

The news that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) is opening a civil lawsuit against casino mogul Steve Wynn to make him register as a foreign agent of China has prompted a response from Chinese officials who were once again critical of the US “witch hunt.” The accusations, Chinese Foreign Ministry senior official Wang Wenbin said, were nothing but “hearsay” and therefore not credible evidence.

DoJ and Top Chines Officials at Loggerheads

The response follows the Tuesday accusations levied against Wynn over his alleged ties with China and acting on behalf of the Chinese government to sway former US President Donald Trump to arrange the extradition of a businessman who had been eluding Chinese custody for several years and is allegedly involved in corruption and other crimes in China.  Wang argued that China based its relationships with others on amicability and respect. He explained:

“China always develops relations with other countries based on such principles as mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry senior official Wang Wenbin

Wang expressed hope that the United State would quit what he described as “cold war” rhetoric and “zero-sum mentality.” The official said that this behavior was visible at every step of the relationship between the two countries. DoJ is looking to compel Wynn to voluntarily register under the Foreign Registration Act, something he has refused for several years, including in 2022.

Wynn Has Had Trouble Before

This is the latest controversy mounted against Wynn who had to withdraw from the company he helped build due to sexual harassment allegations back in 2018. DoJ argues that Wynn acted as a messenger for China and sought to appeal to President Trump to have the visa of the Chinese businessman canceled so that he can be extradited back to China.

The Department acknowledged that Wynn may have been put in a difficult position to do so as some of the properties the company owns and operates are based in Macau, to wit Wynn Macau Ltd and Wynn Palace Resorts.


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